Thursday 2 November 2023

Look Behind You, Samantha!

There was recently a rather charming typically 20-teens collaboration between the International Space Station and an internet science enthusiast. Since 2006 "Smarter Every Day" has produced hundreds of videos gaining millions of views. Its presenter has travelled to places as far afield as the North Pole and the Oval Office to bring interesting videos about all kinds of curious things. Samantha Cristoforetti has come up on HPANWO before. She is the most experienced European astronaut, carrying out a mission in space of 199 days and on one occasion during a spacewalk she reacts with alarm to something unusual. It's interesting that she is immediately hushed by her Russian colleague, as if he knows something she doesn't yet, see: However, this is not Samantha's only UFO encounter, although she probably doesn't know it. On another occasion she is making a video inside the ISS in association with Smarter Every Day. She demonstrates how the "cupola module" works, an earth observation bay on the space station with seven windows. She opens and closes the shutters in front of the camera, but as she does so two strange objects fly past the windows, outside in space. They fit the description of the "fastwalkers" reported by other astronauts like Gordon Cooper and Gennady Strekalov, see:
The objects cannot be seen very easily; they are either very distant or very small. You need to use the YouTube full screen function to pick them up, but you can clearly see a pair of white objects flit across the bottom right of the central window pane, changing their velocity and course radically. Source: This is one of the five observables. I'm not the first person to notice this; in fact a number of others did and told Tyler from Secure Team 10. He went on to make a video about it, see: A lot of people accuse Tyler of promoting fake stuff, so please do go to the original video and see for yourself that he is definitely not in this instance. This is one of those rare occasions in space where there is a channel of information independent from the usual ones that are controlled by NASA or Roscosmos, where they can't just cut the feed and blame it on "technical problems". Oddly enough, if you scroll through the comments under the Smarter Every Day video nobody there has noticed it, probably because the SED fans are not the kind of people who also watch Tyler. I decided to put a comment there myself with a timestamp and the words: "What's that outside the window?" A few days later a user called @CSXRobert replied to me: "Part of the ISS"... I'll leave him to work it out for himself.
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