Sunday 9 September 2012

A Rain of Yellow Balls

An elderly couple in Leicester were astonished to find that during a thunderstorm hundreds of small yellow balls fell on their house and garden. The balls were a few millimetres across, very light and appear similar to those used in floral displays or as ammunition for toy guns. Unfortunately there's no report about these balls being properly analyzed. I don't know if any of them have even been kept. However a Met Office scientist has told the BBC that they're likely to have been picked up by winds and blown, possibly from a long distance away.
To me this sounds like it's related to the more general phenomenon of unusual objects falling from the sky, usually during rainstorms. Fish, frogs, nuts, berries and even proverbial cats and dogs have been reported to tumble out of the heavens and nobody knows from where. The attempted theories to explain these things make no sense, like the idea that these are object sucked by tornadoes and carried high in the sky. It doesn't explain why animals, even fish, are still alive when they land or that fruits and nuts are ripe, even when they're out of season. Also the objects are always singular and particular, which seems unlikely if they come from a tornado; you never get leaves and twigs falling with the fruit, or waterweed and silt falling with the fish. They also tend to be species-specific, you get all herring, or all hazelnuts; never herring with a few shrimp or hazelnuts with a few acorns. Also they tend to fall on a very small concentrated area, often just one house, as in the Leicester case. Another theory is that these are objects that fall out of aircraft, but do aircraft regularly carry this kind of cargo? And rarely are passing aircraft reported during these incidents. It also wouldn't fit in with the fact that this phenomenon has been reported since times before aircraft were invented; in fact the earliest reports date back to the 1st Century, in the works of the Roman historian Pliny. However this was the explanation tabled to explain a torrent of apples that fell recently on a street in Coventry. There are many other examples.
The disturbing accounts of recent mass animal deaths have been blamed on HAARP or Chemtrails, but to me they sound related to this above phenomenon, see: I don't currently have any idea what's behind this.

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