Thursday 15 January 2009

They're Doing it Again!

Phil Mitchell
They're doing it again! Brace yourselves, Nice Guys! You're in for another emotional mind-bombing!

Remember this?:
She soon starts dating Minty (Cliff Parisi) but it quickly becomes clear Manda still carries a torch for Phil (Steve McFadden)...“It’s not long before she bumps into familiar faces, including Phil, who she dated at school, and Minty. But are they pleased to see her?”... Josie’s Manda will be the latest love interest for Phil, who had been dating...
The point being that Phil will be dating her because he's snatched her away from Minty!
It's exactly as I predicted! Is anyone going to pretend there's no conspiracy now?

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Unknown said...

Gosh you must never miss an episode lol.