Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Barack Obama's Inauguration

The City of London America Company has chosen its 44th public relations officer. Barrack Obama was sworn into office on a Masonic bible underneath sun-god imagery and Illuminati symbolism. Here’s BBC News’ coverage (In particular check out the Illuminati pyramid in the satellite pictures):

What struck me about this inauguration is the hope. The happiness people feel that their country is moving out of a period of hardship and into a new Golden Age. It’s not just in America either. I was on a bus in town last night and I saw that one nightclub was flying the Stars and Stripes! They were having a Barrack Obama party there.

But as I’ve discussed in these background articles:
And , Obama is not the trustworthy man-of-the-people he’s is portrayed as and we’ve no reason to think that America or the world will be significantly different with him in the Oval Office.

The news last night compared Obama to Martin Luther King, but there is one crucial difference between Obama and King: King was assassinated and Obama has not been. This is because King was a real threat to the established order. The very fact that Obama has been allowed to live long enough to take his oath and become president shows in my view that he is one of "Them" and not one of us.

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