Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Chinese Spacewalk Faked!

Many thanks to Izzy Smart for finding this. Izzy's channel is linked on the HPANWO TV blog.

It baffles me that people still insist that other space misions are real despite this! "Yes I know they lie and cheat and fake, but the moon landings are real. It was different then, they were being honest!"


mel said...

Anyone who thinks they are bubbles needs their eyes testing.

So the flag 'waves' and is proof of it being in a turbulent water tank but the "bubbles" travel in straight lines indicating no turbulence. Typical conspiracy bunk that refuses to take all things into account.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You're mistaken there I think, Mel, but why not join the HPANWO Forum. There you can discuss this and many other things.

mel said...

The fact Ben has removed my warning about this video that i have posted time and time again shows he's not interested in truth and is willing to misled his readers for reasons only known to himself.

The video Ben has linked to on YouTube is a political hit piece and a load of lies from The Epoch Times. The Epoch Times has an agenda when it comes to China and the Chinese government and their point of view is anything but impartial.

Even a small amount of real research would have indicated to the viewer that this is nothing more than trash. For example near the start we are told the controller slips up and says astronaut1, astronaut 2, tied in the water when in reality he says nothing, nothing, lets go. A mistake, no blatant lies to fool the sheep.

Astonishing how some people are so easily fooled with a bit of incorrect text on a YouTube video. I suppose they are just eager to believe it was a hoax and so abandon all common sense and research. Mind you the rate at which this post is being deleted from this blog some might have other motives.