Wednesday 18 November 2015

Paris Attacks 4- Damage Limitation

The news is reporting a police raid during the early hours of the morning. At 4.20 AM, French time, armed police raided a block of flats in Saint Denis, a suburb north of Paris. The address is not far from the Stade de France stadium where one of the attacks took place on Friday night. Roads in the area remain sealed off, but at the time of writing, Wednesday afternoon, the police report that the raid is over. Two people were killed; one died by detonating explosives in their clothing and I presume the other was shot. The person who blew themselves up was a woman said to be a relative of "Mohammed Evil al-Turban" or whatever his name is, the man who supposedly organized the terrorist attack. Seven people have been arrested. The atmosphere in Paris remains tense. Soldiers are patrolling the streets and most shops and banks are still shut. The effect of the horror continues to be felt across the world. A woman had her Facebook account suspended because it's called "ISIS". The reason it's called that is because that is actually her name; Isis Anchalee, an engineer from San Francisco, USA. She's had a devil of a time persuading Facebook admin that she was not a black-clad terrorist wielding a bloodstained dagger. In the end she had to send them a screenshot of her passport. Facebook have unlocked her account and written back to apologize, see: The Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a huge budget boost to counter-terrorism security forces in the UK with two billion pounds being allotted to modernize and upgrade the army's special forces, the Special Air Service corps. It's also been announced that SAS operatives are patrolling British streets. This has probably been going on for a long time covertly; and we know for a fact that the SAS has been present on the streets of Northern Ireland since the 1960's. These men will be dressed in casual civilian clothes and will therefore be unrecognizable; they're performing the same role as undercover policemen, see: An additional nineteen hundred staff will be recruited into the intelligence services, MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. Airline security will also be overhauled and tightened up. Don't be surprised if we see the foundation of a British equivalent to the Transportation Safety Administration in America, see: In the meantime the hacktivist group Anonymous has announced that it is targeting ISIS for one of its famous cyber attack campaigns. It says it will dox thousands of ISIS supporters and post their personal details on Twitter. If it does it will have succeeded where global electronic intelligence services have failed, see:

The conspirasphere continues to debate the reality or non-reality of the evidence for a false flag attack in Paris last Friday; and my list of Facebook friends has lost a few more calories since yesterday. I have updates of some of the issues I raised in my previous article in this series. The claim that a poster on Twitter predicted the Paris massacre two days before it happened is not actively fake, but it's probably a mistake. The account Tweeting the prediction was @PZbooks. This is apparently a bot that automatically creates fabricated headlines out of fragments of real ones. There are an infinite number of different combinations that it can process and so it generates one about terrorist attacks in Paris every so often due to mere chance alone, see: A French news agency has also addressed the photo of the woman alleged to be a crisis actress. It claims to have successfully debunked the idea. They say that all these women are different people and that they've been tracked down and identified by the media, yet they don't provide a source for that. All those women also do look very much alike and the photo illustrating the page is very low resolution so it's impossible to tell; maybe that's the idea. The official example from France is completely pixillated. The only real difference I can see is that the woman in Paris has her hair in a slightly different style; it's parted on the left instead of the right, see: The article's author also talks about this instance as if it's a one-off. It is definitely not; there are many other examples of potential stagecraft like this, some more convincing. Yet they do not put their claim into that context (Thanks to Gari on Facebook for bringing this to my attention). At the moment I'm not sure what to make of this right now. Nick Kollerstrom has had his nose to the ground and has discovered more anomalies. A witness to one of the restaurant shootings describes the killers' car as a Mercedes, not a Seat. There's a big difference in appearance between the two models; a Mercedes is a luxury make while a Seat is a budget hatchback. He also describes the killer as "white, clean shaven and had dark hair neatly trimmed". So this supposed ISIS shooter was not Middle Eastern. This inconsistency reminds me of the Port Arthur massacre, a similar incident in Australia. The culprit was named as Martin Bryant, a young local with the typical profile for this kind of criminal; a loner with low intelligence, mental illness and an interest in guns. However the witness statements from the scene actually report that the gunman was older. He also seemed to be well-trained, killing more victims with well aimed bullets than he left injured, see: The witness in Paris could tell that the shooter was well-built, with a muscular physique, but he could only see this if the man was wearing thin clothing, so why didn't he mention the explosive vest that the killer was supposed to have on? One of the gunmen at the Bataclan Theatre had white skin and blond hair. So who was yelling "Allahu Akbar!" and ranting on about Syria? There's also the curiously sluggish response time of the police and emergency services. This we saw just a few miles away with Princess Diana's death in 1997. Were these shooters actually government special forces operatives? Also, the former owners of the Bataclan Theatre were staunch Zionists and therefore might have been recruited by Mossad. They apparently sold the theatre after running it for over forty years and moved to Israel on... wait for it, September the 11th. See: I wonder where the CCTV footage is. Do you want to make a bet that all the cameras were "coincidentally pointing the wrong way", just like they were on the route to the Pont d'Alma tunnel the night Diana died?  I have made a HPANWO TV video about the Paris Attacks, see: and a special HPANWO Radio show:


Steve Trueblue said...

It's great for the fake War on Terror.
France has survived being in the middle of two World Wars.
This is really a small incident. But 2 Billion TVs amplifies the emotional impact disproportionately.
Frenchmen seem to have forgotten the Algerian civil war for independence that killed a million people.
This Paris attack certainly aids Israel.
ISIS has never beheaded a Jew.

List of ISIS killings--every nation but Israel LOL

Netanyahoo oddly says ISIS is no threat to Israel. How could he be so confident?
ISIS is an Anglo word. Why would Arab fundamentalists invent that ?
The word was created by Israeli intelligence.
Mossad admits to creating ISIS

ISIS Mossad answers directly to the PMs office. That's why Netanyahoo feels so safe.LOL
Zionists and properties. Charlie Hebdo mag was purchased by the Rothschilds 1 month before the attack. They ridicule all religions except Judaism. One cartoonist was sacked for making a tiny joke about Judaism. One policeman reported killed on a pavement was definitely NOT shot in the head. The full video escaped onto Youtube.

Though every internet keystroke is recorded into a hole in Utah, all the worlds intelligence agencies can't take down ISIS websites and twitter accounts run by only 6 individuals whose names and addresses have been sent to the FBI. A US company protects ISIS websites from hacking........
And when the French started vengeful bombing again, they found the ISIS capital intact.... after British Canadian American and Russian bombing...duh?

My suggestion is the 5000 suspects in Paris who the police cant possibly track should all be GPS ankle braceleted.That would deny them secrecy and privacy their greatest weapon.
My take is there no genuine war on terror.France is being made to repeat the "Reign of Terror" that ocurred during the French revolution.
Radical changes down under. Aust cops suddenly being trained to shoot first And being given assault rifles.

Steve Trueblue said...


This link may disappear

But its about ISIS(?) fighters (who else?) being SECRETLY hospitalised in Israel.

Sharri Markson: journalist at The Australian in run-in with Israeli security

The Guardian

Amanda Meade

10 hrs ago

Sharri Markson, a senior journalist from News Corp’s The Australian, has said security forces in Israel were being “heavy-handed” when they briefly detained her during a press tour after she collected personal details of wounded Syrian fighters being secretly treated in a hospital.

Sources said the chief executive of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, Vic Alhadeff, stepped in to defuse the tense situation when Markson was questioned about breaking the hospital’s strict rules on protecting the identity of the 500 patients, some of whom are fighting in the Syrian war.

Sharri Markson, journalist at New’s Corp’s The Australian, was taken aside by Israeli security while visiting a hospital.© Eva Rinaldi Sharri Markson, journalist at New’s Corp’s The Australian, was taken aside by Israeli security while visiting a hospital.
“The primary concern of the Israeli security personnel and hospital authorities was to protect the identities of the Syrian patients because disclosing their personal details would put them in danger,” Alhadeff told Guardian Australia.

“There was an unfortunate misunderstanding but the situation was quickly defused and resolved.”

Markson, who recently moved out of the role of media editor at the Australian, was on a media tour of Israel jointly organised by the Jewish board of deputies and the Australia/Israel and Jewish affairs council (AIJAC). The group of Australian journalists visited the Ziv Medical Centre in northern Israel on Thursday.

The editor of the Australian, Clive Mathieson, confirmed Markson had been involved in an incident at the hospital but he played down its seriousness. “There was a minor incident at the Ziv Medical Centre in northern Israel on Thursday,” Mathieson told Guardian Australia on Sunday night. “It was quickly resolved and any suggestion that Sharri would have endangered the foreign fighters by revealing their identities is completely rejected.”

Markson, who is back in Sydney, made a statement on Twitter. “The Syrian fighters gave me theirs too. Israeli security were a bit heavy-handed, demanding I delete the details from my phone and notebook,” she wrote.

“The Syrian fighters took my details to keep in touch with a journalist when they return to Syria, where they’re at war with Assad and Daesh.”

her tweet

Sharri Markson Verified account 
‏@SharriMarkson The Syrian fighters took my details to keep in touch with a journalist when they return to Syria, where they're at war with Assad and Daesh.


Steve Trueblue said...

As usual timing of false flag attacks is often a clue to the real reason behind an event.
Particularly where the TPP enables any corporation to sue for damages, any government that causes a drop in any corporate profits with its political activities. The TPP places world government firmly in the hands of the corporatocracy. Effectively decapitating national governments.


This is so gross and so global its makes Mossads ISIS stuff a little sideshow for distraction. Paris is certainly holding our attention isn't it !