Sunday 15 November 2015

Paris Attacks 2- the Symptoms

France is not having much luck this weekend. Yesterday the country also suffered a major railway accident. A high speed train derailed and plunged into a canal near Strasbourg in the Alsace region killing ten people, see: There's no evidence to suggest these two events are connected; it could just be reverse serendipity. I've often found fortune or misfortune strikes like that, in periods or waves. However, the details of what happened in Paris on Friday night are coming into focus. The death toll so far is 129; 352 people were injured and 99 are still on the critical list. Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attacks, although, as I've explained before, ISIS are a product of western intelligence agencies, see: One of the alleged terrorists has been identified as Omar Ismail Mostefai... sounds sinister doesn't it? No doubt his published photo will show him with a black beard, a scowl on his face and glinting evil eyes. As a fiction writer myself, I know how to conjure up convincing villains. More people have apparently been arrested, not just in France, but in Belgium; including the brother of one of the suspects. The memorial memes emerged quickly as people moved to show their condolences for the victims and solidarity with the French people in their hour of need. The Eiffel Tower peace symbol I illustrated the first Paris attack article with was out and about literally minutes after the full scale of the atrocity become clear. Since then people have decorated their Facebook profiles with French flags and important landmarks all over the world, including One World Trade Centre in New York, the National Gallery in London, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the Sydney Opera House in Australia, see above, have had the Tricolore projected onto them. This is the equivalent of the pencils and "Je suis Charlie" tableaux earlier in the year. There is going to be a special requiem for the dead at Notre Dame cathedral this afternoon. There were some follow up stories too. The Daily Mail announced that the police were chasing a group of heavily-armed men down a motorway in the direction of Paris, see:, yet nothing came of it and it was probably just another "Mail fail". However there was another incident, this time confirmed, at Gatwick Airport in which a man was arrested for being in possession of firearms. He threw a gun into a dustbin and fled from the police; it sounds almost comical. The entire terminal had to be closed down for the whole day as a bomb disposal crew scoured it from top to bottom as a precaution. The suspect is a Frenchman, Jerome Chauris, who was booked to fly on an EasyJet flight to Paris. His motives are unknown.
So, is there any indication that all is not what it seems to be? Yes, definitely. The most obvious anomaly is one that seems to recur at most of these false flag attacks, passports. One of the suicide bombers at the football match had a Syrian passport in his pocket. This paper booklet survived the explosion that was so loud it echoed around the entire stadium, see: The body of the attacker must have been completely fragmented by the heat and shockwave of the blast... yet a passport survived. Where have we heard that before? Several people on social media are joking that they should make bomb shelters out of these passports if they're really that resilient. It has also just been announced that the killers' getaway car has been found in an eastern suburb of Paris; so it looks like some of the suspects are still on the loose. The black Seat contained several AK47 assault rifles. Am I alone in thinking it's strange how when a gang of criminals plan to rob a bank they have to resort to sawn-off shotguns yet terrorists living in the same place always manage to get hold of a full military grade arsenal? Also, I'm surprised they didn't "find" copies of the Quran in the boot! My friend and fellow researcher Nick Kollerstrom (See background links at the bottom for his HPANWO Radio interviews and 7/7 lecture) has wasted no time investigating this latest event. He has discovered something that I predicted, another hallmark of false flag attacks. Like others before them, this real crime coincided with an exercise by the security and emergency services. The journalist Patrick Pelloux, explained on French radio that the Paris police were prepared because, “as luck would have it”, they’d planned an exercise to train for exactly this kind of multi-site terrorist incident on that very morning. The behaviour of some of the survivors indicates that crisis actors were used. Other researchers have detected some crisis actors that have been used at other incidents, see: This is not to say that real people didn't get murdered, just that a show was created for the media to illustrate the scenario. This means there was foreknowledge by the authorities; and we see the same unexpected preparedness by the media with the 2010 Cumbrian massacre, see: There are many other suspicious elements that Nick has managed to uncover; see here for his full article:
So, if it was a false flag, which is looking increasingly likely, why France? What has this medium-sized European republic done to warrant two such assaults in the space of ten months? Yesterday I discussed the possibility that it might be because France was leading the way to recognizing Palestine as a legitimate nation. France has also dug in its heels over TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, see: This is a move that the powers-that-be seem to value almost as much as the European Union, see here for my own report on TTIP: During the Cold War, France was regarded by the western intelligence services as a bit of a loose cannon. It was originally a member of NATO, but withdrew in several stages between 1958 and 1966. The maverick French president Charles de Gaulle was a conservative and opposed the Warsaw Pact alliance, yet he was determined to do so independently only in voluntary and unilateral coalitions with other NATO member states. Unlike Britain, Germany and the Netherlands etc, who were very accommodating to the USA, de Gaulle refused permission for the construction of American bases on French soil, or the use of French facilities by the US military. France famously declined to allow American aircraft to fly through its airspace on their way to bomb Libya in 1986, forcing the planes to dogleg around the Bay of Biscay, and so leaving them short of fuel. There was also an incident in France in June 2015 in which the US Secretary of State John Kerry possibly suffered an assassination attempt, perhaps with French collusion, see: France is a very powerful nation in military terms, with a blue-water navy, an army capable of worldwide deployment and an intercontinental air force. It has an independent nuclear deterrent; including a submarine-based system similar to Trident, see: During the Cold War, France never formally approached the Soviet bloc in a way that resembled loyalty, but at the same time refused to officially ally itself with the West. France has always had a strong communist party which has seats on the Assemblée Nationale as well as local and regional councils. It regularly receives over ten percent of the electoral vote, making it a major first-tier party that could potentially form a government. When the former MI5 officer Peter Wright wrote his memoirs Spy Catcher, the book was banned by the British government. Among other incriminating information, I was surprised to find within its pages the fact that MI5 seemed to spend more time spying on the French than they did the Russians. However the Cold War is over. What else is France doing in today's world that has marked its card? A few weeks ago I went to see Dr Steven Greer live on stage in London. He presented an exclusive new piece of information, a document that he had obtained from the French ministry of defence. He attended a meeting at a luxury retreat (he always ends up in places like that) in Brittany concerning the classified material the French authorities have obtained about the UFO phenomenon (about 1 hour in): Is France about to become the "Disclosure nation"? I can't wait to talk to Stephen Bassett about this again; here is my current HPANWO TV commentary about this issue, see: If France is about to say something publicly about UFO's that its globalist lords and masters don't want it to, then would the powers-that-be send a stark warning to the country to try and bring it into line? Without a doubt. (They're certainly doing that to Russia right now, see: There is now a new special emergency Mind Set Podcast about this event: see: For now that's all the information and speculation I have. This vicious crime in Paris has understandably raised harsh emotions in people. One person who is a Facebook friend and somebody I've met a few times, asked in no uncertain terms that anybody who thinks Paris was a false flag should unfriend her. I have done so as requested. It's sad because I do like her, but I'm not going to deny what I believe for the sake of keeping the peace. This is not the first time I've had to pay that unavoidable price, see: I'm saying what I'm saying because I think innocent people have been murdered in a black budget operation by shadow government forces. How is it respectful to those who died to withhold evidence about who their murderers are? Maybe by speaking out and exposing these anomalies for all the world to see we can make people aware of what is really going on; including people in the police, the armed forces, the judiciary and emergency services; and maybe they will then rebel against their pathological supervisors. If just we keep shtumm to avoid offending anybody, then the perpetrators get away with it... again! They'll be free to run off and carry out another such crime.


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Another balanced and honest post Ben keep them up

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This is a really excellent article imho! :)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Golfghost and FreeSpirit :-)

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Neil Austin said...

Thanks Ben, you have made some valid points as always, and again as always, it is left to the likes of us to have the conversation about the real events that the main stream journalists refuse to engage in.
A major event of some kind had been broadly anticipated for the end of October, so the 'alternative media' predictions were pretty accurate.
I think that it is most beneficial for the elites that an act of terrorism should be seen to occur around the time of November 11th. The BBC has been on overdrive for weeks either 'remembering' the World Wars (revelling in and glorifying I would say) or denouncing those such as Corbyn who speak up for 'peace'. On several occasions they have promulgated the idea that warfare and armed conflict between nations is inevitable, and those who express the opinion that a peaceful solution should be sought at all costs are clearly mentally unstable or living in cloud cuckoo land. It's almost as if this event will allow those who desire war to say 'There you go, we told you so, nyeh nyeh!'
After Charlie Hebdo we had the leaders symbolically linking arms and walking a few paces for the photographers' benefit. The impact of this clearly wasn't sufficient to garner world support. This time, we have the full spectrum; minutes silence, google/amazon/ebay all march in lock step, monuments illuminated in tricolour, facebook avatars in red/white/blue...the list is endless and the rapidity of the response suspicious. No one will be allowed to ignore the call for unity against the perceived ISIS threat, and no one will be tolerated who expresses doubt against the mainstream narrative.
Will try and catch up with you tomorrow in the chatbox!
All the best

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Thanks for all your comments, Anthony, Neil, FreeSpirit and Golf Ghost. :-)