Friday 16 April 2021

Tony Topping on Talk Radio

My good friend, the ET experiencer Tony Topping has been interviewed on TalkRADIO. I've always been unconditionally opposed to getting involved with the mainstream media productions, but I make an exception when it comes to live broadcasts which cannot be edited. There is of course a director in the gallery who will cut you off, for example, if you swear; but they cannot actually alter the meaning of your words. Therefore Tony was in a unique and powerful position the moment he was added to the Mark Dolan (no relation to Richard) Show on Tuesday afternoon. He commented on the latest UFO events in the USA, see: He also refers to a distinct split in the US defence establishment that has led to indecision on their part and this explains the leaked information. This wavering on the part of the Truth Embargo could, in the near future, end up with Disclosure with a capital D, possibly inadvertently!
See here for Tony's appearance on TalkRADIO:
Tony used his opportunity well. He was simple and positive about the true nature of the latest UFO news. He communicated in a way any listener could understand. At the end Mark tells the listeners about Tony's website, Twitter and new book. Well done, Tony!
See here for background:

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