Thursday 1 April 2021

Can't Get you Out of my Head- Part 3

See here for my review of Part 2: Part 3 is called Money Changes Everything and it continues some of the stories explored in the other previous two episodes. See here for Part 3:,
and: Those stories include the careers of Jiang Qing, who was antagonizing the Chinese authorities more and more; and the perpetrators of "Operation Mindfuck" who continued their aptly-named fake conspiracy theory hoax. I found it interesting they brought up Chaos Theory because I recall an excellent TV documentary about it from when I was a child. I'm glad to say it's been YouTubed and it even has the first ten minutes that were missing from my old VHS TV recording, see: We also learn about the invention of the drug known as Valium or Diazepam, the most popular medicine on the market. The inventor, Arthur Sackler, worked on devious ways of selling it to patients. You may have the catchphrase: "There's a pill for every ill." Of course with Big Pharma, it's the other way round: "There's an ill for every pill." We find out what the connection is between trade unionism in the Appalachian coal mines and a brave Russian astronaut who was killed on a space mission in 1967. We also find out that Betty Ford, President's Ford First Lady, was addicted to medical drugs. How sad it is George Orwell didn't live to hear about China's "Department of Public Tranquillity". The same regime under the new leader, Deng Xiaoping, tried to get the Chinese people addicted to money and consumerism, and how that inspired the last Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev when he tried to save his charge via Perestroika. President Nixon dropped the Gold Standard from America's currency throwing the financial world into turmoil. Another subject covered is a strange American base built under the ice of the North Pole, and nobody can deny this one is real. There is no real internal narrative to Part 3 of this series and it is very much open-ended both at the start and finish. I suspect it will all make sense when I watch the last three episodes.
See here for more background:

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