Wednesday 31 March 2021

Vaccine Passports Begin

The inevitable has happened. The term "vaccine passport" has never been uttered from an official source and has so far only used sarcastically by critics of the Covid 19 mass vaccination campaign, like me. However what else can we call the policies now being rolled out in at least two places? According to this vlogger, an American expat living in Iceland, the country is soon going to reopen its borders to tourists, but only if you're vaccinated, see: At the same time New York USA is bringing out a mobile phone app that you have to show to attend some events such as social gatherings like weddings and funerals. The threat to civil rights is obvious, but there is also the privacy issue of having some of your medical records on a portable device that could be hacked. When I was a hospital porter I had to move medical records and they were sealed tight in hard plastic containers. The medical records depository was like Area 51. To enter it I had to ring a bell and was allowed into an anteroom. The medical records clerk then addressed me through a sealed service hatch. For non-Americans, it's important to remember that "New York" means an entire state, not just New York City. A pub in a small village in the upper Hudson valley will have to scan you for the app just as much as a restaurant in downtown Manhattan. Source: The New York initiative has recently been endorsed by the "US president", see: It is vital for us to resist. Refuse to have the vaccine no matter what! The latest opinion polls indicate that in Britain 35% of people are going to refuse. Hopefully other countries are similar. If all those people stick by their guns then any vaccination social filter will become unworkable.
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Snarnok said...

Do you remember the track and trace app? No surprise that after a few months, it was reported that they were selling people's data to third parties after saying that they would never do that.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

It's going to get worse and worse as the concept of privacy and personal sovereignty is slowly eroded.