Wednesday 17 March 2021

Antikythera Mechanism Decoded

In 1900, sponge divers near the Greek island of Antikythera discovered a shipwreck dating back to the first or second century BC. Inside the ancient hull was a collection of eighty-two bronze circular objects that looked like gears. After extensive analysis, archaeologists came to the astonishing conclusion that it was some kind of mechanical calculator. In 2008, technology was invented that allowed archaeologists to detect inscriptions on one of the fragments and it has revealed it to be an orrery, a device for computing astronomical movements. It is extraordinarily detailed and its users could work out the motions of the planets and the sun, the phases of the moon, solar eclipses, the position of zodiac, and even the timing of sporting events such as the ancient Olympiad. The first thing made in modern times matching the intricacy and complexity of the Antikythera Mechanism are the clocks invented in the Renaissance... but the  Mechanism dates from 100 to 200 BC! Source: That kind of technology is not supposed to have been available in those days; it is not historically recorded. This means the Antikythera Mechanism must be the product of some kind of secret school of knowledge, maybe a product of the ancient equivalent of what Richard Dolan calls "the Breakaway Civilization". If that kind of technology had been publicly available in the 2nd century BC then the industrial revolution could have happened around the time of Christ and by the early Middle Ages we could have had rockets in space. The possibility of technological progress being purposefully slowed down by the rationing of knowledge is one I explore in the three novels of the Roswell trilogy, see: The ship carrying the Antikythera Mechanism was from Rhodes and the direction it was sailing meant that it was probably heading for Rome. At that time Greece was a protectorate of the Roman Republic and much of its glorious and ingenious knowledge was being plundered; "the milking of minds" as Credo Mutwa calls it. This of course raises the question of whether Greece was Illuminati occupied before the Roman conquest or not, seeing as Rome was the prime vehicle for expanding Illuminati rule in the ancient world. I'll have to think about that. There is other evidence suggesting the presence of lost wisdom in ancient Greece, such as the mysterious manuscript of Archimedes which indicates that he knew about calculus, something previously attributed to Sir Isaac Newton in comparatively recent times, see: There's also the Library of Alexandria which was burnt down by the Illuminati. This leads to a tantalizing question: If the secret knowledge network of the ancient world is really one and a half to two millennia ahead of declassified science, what wonders is it hiding from us right now?
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