Wednesday 12 July 2017

Wiltshire Police on Crop Circles

The Wiltshire Police force has released an official statement about crop circles. It is quite rare for state authorities even to mention crop circles:

"With summer well and truly underway we have seen an increase of crop circles appearing across the county. They might seem harmless but they actually have a huge negative impact on the hardworking landowners and farmers whose crops are damaged. Creating a crop circle is CRIMINAL DAMAGE and an offence.
The damage caused means a loss in revenue to the farmer and landowner. They also have to deal with civil trespass issues on their land after a crop circle has been created when members of the public come without permission, to view the circle. It has also been known for individuals to pose as part of a charity or as the landowner at the site of crop circles and attempt to take 'donations' from people viewing the crop circle.
We urge all farmers and landowners if they have had a crop circle on their land to report it to us on 101 so it can be recorded. Often after a crop circle appears, individuals will arrive with a drone to photograph it. Take note of any vehicles, their registration plates, and any individuals and pass this information to the police.
If a circle is created on your land make sure you tell the crop circle community if you decide to allow/ not allow access to the general public, and if you intend to cut the circle out. This should reduce unwanted visitors.
There are 3 places to do this:
We also ask the public to help support our rural communities by reporting any suspicious vehicles, behaviour or people in crop fields to police on 101 they may be attempting to create a crop circle and committing criminal damage. If you can see a crop circle creation in progress, call police on 999.

Matthew Williams, the well-known UFOlogist, was once arrested for trespass and criminal damage. He is the only person so far to have been successfully prosecuted for crop circle-making, a fact he wears on his sleeve with enormous pride, see: (He is a scathing critic of my technical film-making methods too, see: The police statement mentions drones and that probably refers directly to Matt who has a drone which he uses to film crop circles although there is no proof that this necessarily means that the circles are the work of Matt's own team. Some of his visuals are spectacular and he filmed the title sequence for Sandra Daroy's Awakening of 12 Strands, see: The obvious omission from the police report is the paranormal and UFO element to the crop circle phenomenon. They make the assumption that crop circles are all made by people using conventional circle-making methods, wooden planks and tape measures etc. This is not the case and in the background links I explain why. I also recommend Richard D Hall's documentary Crop Circles- the Hidden Truth, see: The police say that if we see a crop circle creation in progress we should call 999. The problem is, in some cases the police will need more than a squad car to catch the culprits. A space rocket might be a more effective start.


Dick said...

The police obviously don't mention the paranormal because there is nothing paranormal about crop circles. It's not that hard to understand.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I disagree, Dick. I explain why in terms that it is not hard to understand either.

Anonymous said...

'Dick'- the name says it all

bird hunter said...

The bottom line is, you're invading someone elses's space and damaging their hard work and way of making a living and that's wrong.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Bird Hunter, I never said it wasn't.