Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 18

Sacha Christie has published a new article for the first time in over three weeks. It simply reproduces a statement by Steve LaPlume, a former colleague of Larry Warren's in the 81st Security Police Squadron, and then Larry's response to it. Her only commentary is to wish Steve LaPlume luck and invite readers to put a caption on Larry's reply, presumably a deprecating one, see: LaPlume came up in Part 16 of this series where Peter Robbins claimed that Larry misquoted him in the research for Left at East Gate.

Larry has appeared on two programmes of the Top Secret News radio show.
These are some of the best programmes ever about the Larry Warren controversy. One strange new accusation made against Larry is that he wrote graffiti on the "lemon squeezer", a sculpture erected in a clearing in Rendlesham Forest by the Forestry Commission as part of their "UFO Trail", see here for more details: The accusation came from the above photo taken during the highly successful camping holiday with the Birmingham UFO Group that I talk about in the previous article. You can clearly see Larry posing next to the sculpture and the words: "Jimi Hendrix- only $30,000" are scrawled on the artwork. However, as Larry explains, there is no evidence that Larry himself actually defaced the sculpture. Also the damage appears to have been carried out using pink lipstick. Larry's fashion consciousness tends to lean towards motorcycle-themed T-shirts and leather or denim jackets. If Larry owns any pink lipstick then this is an element of his life he has kept private from his friends... and I shall say no more because I do not wish to pry. What's more, does lipstick graffiti really count as vandalism? It is very easy to wash off and in fact will fade of its own accord before long; indeed, immediately if it rains. The first show includes an interview with Joe Montaldo, the person who carried out the voice-stress analysis study on Larry which Larry passed. This is the next best thing to the polygraph and Larry has challenged anybody to subject him to a polygraph test. In the second programme Larry is joined by Gary Heseltine. Gary has been doing a lot of essential research behind the scenes and he speaks openly for the first time about this subject here. I highly recommend both these shows.
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