Saturday, 1 July 2017

Diane Abbott has Psychic Reading

My two least favourite people in the world are Prof. Brian Cox and Diane Abbott, but I do wonder whether it might be possible to discern whether one of those two is more obnoxious and insufferable than the other. That question has now been resolved. The psychic medium Craig Hamilton-Parker has revealed that he carried out a psychic reading with Diane Abbott when Abbott was briefly famous for being Britain's first "Black!... Woman!..." member of Parliament; fifteen minutes of fame that she has milked for her political career to a far greater extent than she deserves to. The reading was part of a TV programme called Mystic Challenge way back in 2000. Abbott, who was surprisingly attractive in those days, comes into the studio and has a brief introduction by the host. Then she retires behind a screen and the two mediums come out. Neither of them know who they are giving the reading to; or hopefully if the show has been properly parapsychologically controlled. Mr Hamilton-Parker plays the role of psychometrist; meaning he holds an object belonging to the sitter in his hand and gains information about them through it. When questioned about the reading afterwards Abbott admits that it is fairly accurate and adds: "I was taken aback as I'm a big skeptic!" Source: This indicates a level of open-mindedness that is impressive. I doubt that Prof Brian Cox would have agreed to take part in that programme at all. Had he done so he would also have probably been very unpleasant to the mediums, calling them "nobbers!" and other epithets. Therefore I am forced to downgrade Diane Abbott to my second-least favourite person in the world. The Coxxer now sits by himself on that ignoble throne. In fact in 2000 Diane Abbott comes across as a generally more likeable person than she is today, as well as being better-looking. Perhaps seventeen years in politics has changed her for the worse; it wouldn't be the first time that has happened. I've heard of Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker before and came across them a long time ago in this TV documentary that is quite informative by mainstream media standards, see:

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