Friday 6 April 2018

Dreaming Saucers Schedule

Here is the full conference speakers schedule for Dreaming Saucers, see here for background:
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(All times are approximate)

10.30- 11.30 AM 
Ben Emlyn-Jones Is there Any Hope?
The New World Order is growing stronger, UFO Disclosure is a distant dream and the Truth movement is catastrophically dysfunctional. We're all doomed!... Or are we? An exclusive new presentation for Dreaming Saucers. See:

12.00- 1.00 PM 
Deborah Hatswell British Bigfoot
In the dark wooded area of Great Britain a strange upright ape-like creature exists. We've all heard of the Bigfoot and Yeti, but could its cousin live closer to home? Unfortunately Deborah cannot travel to the venue so she will be addressing us online via webcam. See:

1.30- 2.30 PM
Philip and Ronald Kinsella- Part 1
Philip and Ronald Kinsella are twin brothers who write and illustrate books on the paranormal, UFO's, reptilians, clairvoyant mediumship, the afterlife and many other subjects. They will be discussing the UFO abduction hypothesis, using their theory of alien soul-extraction and the revelation of what the Greys (or a faction of them) really represent. Their talk will include a display of their artwork. See:

3.00- 4.00 PM
Philip and Ronald Kinsella- Part 2

4.30- 5.30 PM
Nik Hayes The Invisibles
Some UFO's can't be seen in visible light, but they do take form in other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. They also respond to "orgone" energy directed by Wilhelm Reich's "cloudbuster". They can even be photographed with the right equipment. See:


10.30- 11.30 AM
Marcus Allen The Apollo Moon Landings - Fact or Fiction?
The landing of men on the moon in 1969 and in the three subsequent years is considered one of the most glorious human achievements in history, but did it really happen the way we've been told? See:

12.00- 1.00 PM
Ellis Taylor
A journey into other worlds where there are aliens, strange craft, slips in space and time, numerology and ley lines. See:

1.30- 2.30 PM
Mark Devlin
British DJ-turned-author and researcher Mark Devlin, will be presenting content from his newly-published book Musical Truth Volume 2. This will show how, far from being innocent source of fun that many consider the commercial music industry to be, its activities are in fact steeped in mind-control, social engineering and the dark occult; and that its true objectives lie way outside of what most will ever have considered. See:

3.00- 4.00 PM
Neil Geddes Ward
Could there be an alien base on the dark side of the moon? Why not, we would not be able to see it from the earth if it exists? See:

(The Oxford Truth Tour will take place after the conference ends on Sunday.)


Kenneth said...

Hi Ben,
Can't wait for Draining Saucers, will be a good weekend on the sauce. Will you be taking Roswell books to sell there as I need the 2nd one, thank you? But what I wanted to ask you is do you know anything about Deal and Sandwich and the various history of the 3 links golf courses that have all hosted the Open at some point in history. Only I remember you did a blog about Deal and Walmer's seafront as that is where Julius Cesar landed in 55 BC. You must have deleted it as it was a few years ago. I live in King's Lynn and I'am thinking of having a dirty weekend down there. Can you recommend anything, please?


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Kenneth. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the conference if you can get there. Yes, all my books will be on sale. I don't recall the article you refer to. I might have mentione dit on one of my Boudica videos. I'm not sure where the best p[lace to go is for a "dirty weekend" in that part of the world. Maybe you should ask your wife... All the best. Ben

Dominic said...

Hi Ben. If I can persuade my pal as he'll be driving then I or rather - we, shall be there. I'm based in Totnes Devon so its a fair way to get to. Could we get a discount for the two of us say fifty quid for both? I hope you don't mind my asking and I am aware it's £30 a ticket for the full weekend each. No problem if you decline my request we will still go probably. I was wondering about food and are there any snacks and refreshments included? I'm a bit fussy about food and hahaha I actually can't stand healthy stuff. I never eat fruit or veg lol. So would you know if there's a McDonald's nearby? Failing that a KFC or even a decent chippy will do. OK well hope to see you there. Cheers now bud.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Dominic. Could you email me at

Dominic said...

Hi, no problem. Email sent ten minutes ago. Cheers Ben. D