Monday, 16 April 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Exopolitics at High Wycombe Paranormal 2018

The recording of my recent talk at the High Wycombe Paranormal meet-up group is now available.
It is of a lecture entitled: Exopolitics- the Path to UFO Disclosure. Exopolitics has been called the "militant wing" of UFOlogy, but perhaps it is just UFOlogists who have made up their mind. Maybe history is about to prove them right. Is Disclosure about to happen? See here for more background: Many thanks to Neil Geddes-Ward, and everybody else who attended.


Reg said...

Longest High Street in the country I believe, has High Wycombe. Did you know that there were many hauntings in Crowthorne and Bagshot? All the good stuff just gets missed when I go for a cup of tea. Like going for a piss during the break in Corrie and feeling guilty for not watching all the ads, it felt like I were pinching TV. So to get round that I'd sit my son in front of the telly when I went to drain the main vein and he would write down what each advert was trying to sell. Once I was back for the resumption of the 2nd half I would check his notes and make a note to buy something from that company the next day. It was just as I was test driving a brand new car that I realised I couldn't afford a BMW 3 Series (E30)! He's a tinker though, and would always but down Lego and all inclusive 4 star holidays to Disneyworld. Usually we would get home with a BMW keyring some holiday brochures a small box of Lego Nurofen and Tampons. Uhh.

Kind regards


PS when's Rossy III coming out, loved the 1st two?

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Reg. Thanks for the info. The new book will be out this year if all goes according to plan.