Thursday 8 September 2016

Keith Vaz and the Child Abuse Files

There's a very amusing scene in the TV sitcom Blackadder the Third in which Baldrick, one of the characters, is running for Parliament and is asked whether he has a criminal record. He replies: "Absolutely not!" Blackadder protests: "Oh come on, Baldrick. You're going to be an MP for God's sake!" See: Many a true word is spoken in jest. Over the years, from a wide number of sources, I've come to the conclusion that there is no doubt that politicians are on average the most habitual criminals in the world. When it comes to vice, they are virtually in an endemic situation. The number of prostitutes I've heard of who service the government are almost an entire sector of the black market sex industry in itself. Basically, they're all at it! So why have the revelations about Keith Vaz suddenly become such a scandal? Keith Vaz is the Labour MP for Leicester East who has just resigned as chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee after a tabloid newspaper published a story about Mr Vaz having had paid sex with male prostitutes. He is also accused of buying these men drugs, see: Could it perhaps be because just a month earlier Keith Vaz made a public statement about how the Home Office had "lost" the dossier on Westminster paedophile allegations? See: A coincidence, you might say. Then is it also a coincidence that Simon Danczuk MP experienced a public media pillorying too, for having raunchy text conversations with a seventeen year old girl, see: Mr Danczuk is one of the loudest voices in Parliament supporting the children said to have been abused and is a good friend of the regular HPANWO Radio guest Brian Clare, see: Is this preventative blackmail? Are we seeing a warning to other politicians, that they must keep quiet about what they know otherwise their sexual excesses will be all over the front pages of the daily Murdochs? You might decide to condemn Mr Vaz and Mr Danczuk for their unprofessional and immoral behaviour... but remember, the men and women they liaised with were consenting adults. That's more than can be said for many of their colleagues as yet still at large.

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Yael Oren Kahn said...

Keith Vaz actually helped cover up the sexual crimes against children by Lord Janner:
"Key was Vaz, MP for the neighbouring Leicestershire constituency, who clearly hadn’t been party to the rumours circulating in his home town. He said his dear friend had been the “victim of a cowardly and wicked attack”. That was it. The story was dead. "