Friday 2 January 2015

2015 and Climate Change

Now it is 2015 some people are asking why a lot of the technology portrayed in the film Back to the Future 2 is not available, seeing at it was set mostly in the year 2015. Where are the hoverboards? I want my self-drying jacket! (See: But 2015 is a pivotal year in another major portent. According to climate change-believers, it is the year of "either-or", the Great Schism. Unless mankind has begun to reduce its Carbon™ emissions by a certain amount, then it will be too late to stop global warming crossing a threshold which means a planet two degrees hotter will be inevitable. At that temperature rise processes will be set in motion that will increase warming no matter what we do, the polar ice caps and permafrost will melt, frozen methane hydrates will thaw and be released, trees will burn and the world will heat up more and more in a runaway greenhouse effect. The 2009 film Age of Stupid is a distressing and melancholy dystopian drama-cum-documentary set in the future after the climate apocalypse, in a world where coastal cities have flooded, all the ice has melted and civilization has collapsed. In the ice-free Arctic a lonely archivist, played by Pete Postlethwaite, looks back on the past, at what went wrong and how it was all out fault, and was all preventable, see: I find the film chilling, even though I know man-made climate change is a lie concocted for the purposes of international political control; for those who believe the lie it must be horrifying to watch. There is due to be a world climate change summit at the end of the year, see: The idea is that levels of Carbon™ are steadily increasing as we pour out more and more of it into the environment, and the only way to stop those levels rising is for us to stop emitting it. However unless we reach "peak carbon" before a certain time and actually begin to reduce our emissions by a certain percentage then it will be too late to prevent the climate catastrophe; that time was long ago predicted to be the year 2015. However we have not reached our Carbon™ reduction targets, therefore as time goes on after 2015 sharper amounts of reductions will be necessary. As the environmentalist Clive Hamilton puts it, that would be the equivalent of rallying people for rationing in World War II, see: Hamilton is one of a growing group of climate changers who have effectively given up; his book even has the dismal title Requiem for a Species. He believes that it's too late to prevent a climate apocalypse; all that remains is how to cope with it. How do we make human extinction as fast and painless as possible? Some are even more extreme, like Prof. Guy McPherson, a man whose despair is so profound that it has almost paradoxically mutated into a strange kind of gleeful defeatist magnificence, see: He reminds me of the people in stories about a nuclear holocaust who have wild parties the night before the bomb drops. Underlying all these individuals is a deep and potent misanthropy, a bitter hatred for humanity, at least for the majority of humanity, who did not take action on climate change and walked around with their fingers in their years singing "la-di-la-di-la!" and demanding new mobiles phones and trainers from China every week; those with a tacit and subconscious pact not to mention climate change. I feel sorry for those people, but I don't consider them as dangerous as the ones who have not given up yet. The folk who really scare me are those who have not lost hope, but are desperate. Dr Mayer Hillman is a good example, see here for more details: As I explain in that background article, Hillman is exactly the kind of man who might be recruited into a secret geoengineering project or an agenda to cull three quarters of the world's human population. Another is Mark Lynas, a local figure in Oxford who has been our frontline Carbonista for many years. He wrote the book Six Degrees and caused a scandal in the Green Party, of which he was a supporter and probably is not any more, when he backed nuclear power, see: He's gone even further to being a "new green" when he came out in favour of GMO's, see: Lynas doesn't strike me as somebody quite as corruptible as Hillman, but he could still be useful at lower levels of the conspiracy, for activities such as administering Carbon™ credits as the world currency, bringing in global Carbon™ rationing and introducing an international judiciary for punishing people who exceed their Carbon™ footprint. In fact the movie Age of Stupid documents its own Carbon™ invoice on its credit roll. A tragic effect of the Carbon™ con is the psychiatric toll it takes on those who believe it. There are a small number of people in the Truth movement who sadly buy into Carbon™-ism like Deek Jackson of FKN NEWZ, see:, and the ill-fated Mike Ruppert, see: They, along with mainstream Carbon™-ists, are going to experience high levels of depression and some will follow in Ruppert's footsteps and end their own lives (Amazingly there is an element in the Skeptic movement who disbelieve in Carbon™-ism, individuals like Penn Jillette and Perry DeAngelis; why is that acceptable? I don't know). As I explain in the background articles below, it's not just those who have invented the climate change scam who are the problem; they're a tiny minority compared to the millions of genuine people who have been frightened or bullied into compliance with the Carbon™-reduction-at-all-costs mindset. They include scientists, journalists, writers, teachers, politicians and lots of other people who don't want to live in the New World Order, they've just been fooled into thinking they have to in order to save the planet from destruction and death. They will use the most extreme black propaganda to attack "climate change deniers!" for contradicting their viewpoint, for example Richard Curtis' short film No Pressure, see: Despite this, climate change scepticism-with-a-C is growing. My biggest fear right now is that the geoengineers might artificially raise the planet's temperature a few degrees in the next few years just to vindicate falsely the fears of the climate change-believers. We have to stand firm and keep talking if we're going to save the planet from the real danger it faces, that of the Illuminati agenda for a totalitarian world government, which includes real environmental destruction that would make the most entrenched doomsday-green blanche.


Raymond DeBrane said...

Climate science denial such as is promoted here is nothing but either bought and paid for oil and coal industry capitalist propaganda or it's written by idiots who bought into that bought and paid for propaganda

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I disagree, Mr DeBrane. The denial is on your part. You are turning away from the agenda for a New World Order, a global communist state and they need bait in the trap so that people will collaborate with them. That is what climate change is. It was revealed in the book Report from Iron Mountain.