Saturday 10 January 2015

Mark Mutch Sectioned

The Berkshire and Oxfordshire Seeking Solutions group has really taken some stick lately; we must have touched a raw nerve with the authorities. The very day after Carla Buckle was released from prison, see:, another member, Mark Mutch, was involuntarily committed under the 1983 Mental Health Act. This means he was forcibly taken from his home and incarcerated at a psychiatric institution, the Warneford Hospital in Oxford. The supposed reason was that he had refused to allow his doctor to give him some injections, a course of antipsychotic drugs. Mark is the child of a military family and a targeted individual. His uncle was an army sergeant who was killed in a bomb attack in Northern Ireland, the work of the IRA... supposedly. Mark has been experiencing attacks by electromagnetic and psychological weapons for many years. The problem is that the medical profession doesn't recognize this as a real phenomenon. Whenever a TI tells a psychiatrist about the symptoms he or she is experiencing and why, the psychiatrist will fail to understand what's really going on and will invariably misdiagnose their patient with a psychotic disorder. The perpetrators behind the attacks can exploit the ignorance and apathy of doctors to put people away if they want to, like they have Mark. It's likely that Mark's committal was triggered by a report he made to the police concerning electromagnetic warfare methodologies being wielded against his home. Luckily this situation is changing and awareness is growing. A few weeks ago the first international conference on covert harassment took place in Brussels, Belgium, see: There are many organizations like ICAACT, that research and expose mind control and provide assistance and support for TI's and their families, see: Some people are busy gathering clinical evidence of their predicament, like Kieron Lee Perrin, see:

Luckily I live very close to the Warneford Hospital and so paid Mark a visit yesterday evening. The hospital is old and dark; it was built in the early 19th century and has a very unpleasant atmosphere. There is a heavy security door to the ward where Mark is being kept and I was not able to enter until a nurse had escorted me through. I was made to wait in a corridor while she went to fetch Mark. The other patients shuffled to and fro past me, not seeming to notice that I was there. Mark was pleased to see me and he took me to the ward's dayroom where we sat and talked. The area is quite comfortable with a tea bar, a television and a games room, but the windows are all sealed and the only door to the outside world is constantly locked. The place feels tense and dismal; it has an unpleasant smell. It's very different to the general teaching hospital where I was a porter. It's worrying that we've only just found out about this and I'm not sure why Mark didn't tell us sooner. It appears the idea never occurred to him, and that's strange. Unfortunately it may be due to the medication he's since been receiving. Being sectioned in a mental hospital is probably worse than being in jail; jail is certainly much easier to get out of. However he came across as cheery and optimistic. He told me he'll probably be released within two weeks. If that's true then it's great news; however he'll still be under the sectioning order even then and can be readmitted to the Warneford at a moment's notice if his psychiatrist says so. The committal won't be lifted until the doctors decide. The way the medical profession treats psychiatric patients is appalling; being out of the Hospital Portering Service is a weight off my conscience due to things like that. I recall a time when I was with a young female doctor dealing with somebody in A and E who was suffering from confusion. The doctor did some neurological observations on the patient, asking a list of simple questions, which the patient failed. The doctor then grinned cruelly and said: "Because you couldn't pass this test I can do whatever I like with you!" I spent about twenty minutes with Mark in the ward then had to find a nurse to check me out again through the security door. Mark gave me a present, two bars of soap that the patients had made themselves. I look forward to seeing him free soon. 


Unknown said...

Hi Ben, you clearly are a compassionate soul. Thanks for taking the time to visit Mark and inform the rest of us of his and this situation.

Unknown said...

Thanks for writing about this Ben..It must have been difficult.There but for the grace of god....... I hope Mark is free soon.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You're welcome, Andy and Zannie. Hopefully Mark will be free very soon. :-)

Kieron Lee Perrin said...

Yeah ... I spoke with Mark too, he shouldn't be where he is and is one of 'many' others whom shouldn't be where they are either.

On a more positive note though he's in a pretty good way within himself and is not 'seemingly' struggling to cope with his predicament. He just doesn't want antipsychotic drugs in his system as they're inappropriate and I believe he's dead right.

What a nice chap.

"Dem walls, dey gotta cum tumblin down. It a must"!?

All this relates to is as illegal as things get and it has to STOP.

Or ... we have to start somehow hitting back and keep on doing so until these Fascist b*st*rds are no more.

Grrr ..

Kieron Lee Perrin said...

Oh ... a very succinct and well written article too Ben.


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Kieron. :-) So glad you got to talk to Mark. Let's hope we see him a free man soon.