Friday 9 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo

The only story in the news at the moment is the horrific massacre on Wednesday at the offices of the French satirical comic Charlie Hebdo. Three masked gunmen walked in and shot dead eleven of the writers and editors; they also killed two policemen and injured a third. At the time of writing the police have just shot dead the suspects at a siege in a town a few miles northeast of Paris. I've also just heard that there has been a gun attack at a Jewish supermarket and one at a jewellers in another city. Everybody is asking me what I think of this; is it another false flag? I would say that right now it's too soon to tell for sure, but I recommend treating news stories on the matter with a lot of scepticism, with a C. There is said to be evidence of anomalies in the video record so far captured of the gunmen shooting people. I've not looked at this yet because I might find it upsetting due to my memories of gunshot patients I had to deal with at the hospital. This particular kind of false flag, involving urban gun attacks, is a speciality on continental Europe. During the Cold War the intelligence services trained groups of private citizens to act as "stay behind armies", resistance groups which would function as a guerrilla force if the Soviet Union invaded and occupied NATO countries. This was known as "Operation Gladio". However another more classified mission was the "strategy of tension"; Gladio operatives carried out a series of bombings, shootings and particularly brutal robberies in shops and banks. These were blamed on militias from both the far left and far right. There's evidence to say that the Bologna railway station bombing in 1980, which killed eighty-five people making it the worst terrorist atrocity until 9/11, was not really carried out by the terror cell the Armed Nuclear Revolutionaries, those who were blamed; but was instead an Operation Gladio false flag attack. This BBC documentary on Operation Gladio never stays online for long so I recommend downloading it: So is it possible that a new War on Terror version of Operation Gladio is at work today? Absolutely yes. Is the Charlie Hebdo attack the product of that? Quite possibly. In the meantime I'm sure we all agree that this was a terrible crime whoever did it. Deepest condolences to the loved ones of those killed.

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