Monday, 5 November 2012

Kevin Annett receives Death Threat

Breaking news!: Kevin Annett has received a death threat on live radio! This happened two days ago on the Wolf's Den Show on BlogTalk Radio, the same host as CMR. The son of somebody called Lydia White Calf called for Kevin's murder and also the murder of any Indians supporting him in Canada. This was later followed up by a threat on a Facebook page. All the details will be posted on the ITCCS website soon. It's important to realize that Kevin encounters a lot of opposition from within the native community as well as among white people. There's a huge disinformation campaign against him using paid stooges among tribal leaders. I spoke to Kevin within the last few hours before writing this article and he was safe and well. He is taking necessary precautions for his safety and his court case is proceeding according to schedule. See here for background:

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