Thursday, 15 November 2012

GMO Ash to Beat Dieback

A friend of mine on YouTube was watching BBC News and saw the story about Ash Tree Dieback Disease and heard somebody suggest using genetically-modified Ash trees to tackle the problem of the disease, see: This leads me to wonder where Ash Tree Dieback actually comes from. Is it a natural condition or does it come from Fort Detrick or Porton Down? It certainly seems to have been allowed to spread into the country through a process of culpable negligence; according to George Monbiot, see: (I'm not normally a fan of Monbiot, but credit where credit is due).  I found this Forestry Commission page, see: which claims that the British Government currently doesn't have plans to introduce genetic modification, but when was this page last updated? It fits very well with the ethics and strategy of the Illuminati that they would target native hardwood trees rather than the coniferous timber crops; these weird forests planted in straight lines that have no birds or squirrels or other organisms of an extended ecosystem living in them. The Ash is an important sacred tree in indigenous pre-Illuminati spirituality and this has been under attack since the Roman Conquest and continues to this day. I've not been able to find any further evidence of the Government's present intentions about what "Backtoindia1" has told us. If anybody else saw that BBC News story please let me know.

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