Monday 3 January 2022

Kev Baker Dies

I'm very sorry to report that my good friend, comrade and space brother Kev Baker has died. Kev was a dedicated radio broadcaster who produced a huge amount of material. Barely a night went past without one of his shows going out live. He had a passionate interest in the paranormal, UFOlogy, cryptozoology and cover-ups, what he called "serious woo". He came from Inverness in Scotland, right next to Loch Ness and he took the idea of the monster very seriously. See here for his page on Truth Frequency Radio: He later moved to Glasgow where he lived with his family. He first invited me onto his show as a guest seven years ago and very soon I became a regular fixture on the Kev Baker Show. All in all we produced seventy-eight programmes together. I very much enjoyed being on the air with Kev and always looked forward to every third Tuesday of the month when I was on. This is the last show we did: In fact he had already booked me to be on his show again on the eighteenth of this month, which will now sadly not happen. Usually the day before each show I used to send him a list of topics to give him ideas and sometimes he would add some himself. I'm pleased to say I once had the honour of returning the favour, see: I also met Kev once, at the 2016 Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference in Glasgow, see Losing Kev has hit me very badly. I'm still in shock and I will miss him very much. His passing is the latest in what feels like a run of bereavements, see background links below. My heart goes out to his wife, children and the rest of his family. As Kev would say, see ya, Bro. Here is a moving tribute by another of Kev's colleagues, Revd. Bill Bean: Many of Kev's guests and listeners, who he called "wookies", were in the live chat.
See here for background:


Anonymous said...

No words, just overwhelming sadness from the gurkins

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I know what you mean. It's all very emotional right now.

Lisa-Roo said...

Much love and respect Bro!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi, Lisa. Thanks. Same to you.

Anonymous said...

Still shocked, such a great loss ��

Vagabondheart x

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ben for sharing this.

Like many other people I was checking each day to see where Kev was. The last show I revisited was the one you both did together. He was his usual fun self, laughing and joking. The Woo flowed and the quality was high. Kev was giving his all to entertain and make the Kev Baker Show all it could be. He will be sadly missed.

“Dee nee touch that dial!”

RIP Kev Baker.

Zeetroyman said...

well said Ben, a fitting tribute. I think were all still in shock.. Zeetroyman

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks for your comments, guys. I know how you feel. It's very sad. We'll all really miss him.