Wednesday 13 January 2021

Special Forces and Aliens

The Daily Star has released a remarkable story that has gone viral. A source has informed them about the British special forces unit, the Special Air Service, and some of its more unusual duties. The SAS are most famous for raiding the Iranian Embassy siege in London in 1980. They rescued the hostages and killed or captured the Arab militants who were occupying the location. This inspired the action film Who Dares Wins which I sent to Boris Johnson because I suspect his family is in a similar situation, see: Now apparently the SAS are preparing to defend the realm from another somewhat more exotic threat. The source claims that the outfit are training alongside American special forces operatives to counter an alien invasion, among other threats. The source said: "I know it sounds bonkers, but the SAS train for capture missions for every threat." Actually it sounds quite plausible to me. Seeing as governments all over the world know that extraterrestrials exist, whatever they tell their people, it makes sense that they would be concerned that some of the ET's are hostile; as indeed a few of them appear to be, luckily a minority. The special forces' method is to spray the aliens with special foam that sets hard when it comes into contact with the air and so immobilizes its target. It is a non-lethal weapon so the government are obviously worried what might happen if they harmed the aliens; the resulting retaliation. There are only a handful of reported accounts of warfare between humans and extraterrestrials and in almost all of them the humans come off worse. I've heard of stories like this before, in fact the late UFOlogist Tony Dodd knew a man who claimed to have been a part of such operations; not just in terms of preparation, but active missions, see: and: Again, that is to be expected considering the phenomenon is real. Source: It's a short, but interesting article. Actually the last two sentences are the most fascinating: "In 2018 it emerged that British defence experts had spent fifty years trying to catch a UFO so they could use the technology to build new super weapons. Declassified files showed that the government feared China or the Soviet Union had impounded a UFO and were using its secrets to develop super-fast warplanes." There is no citation or hyperlink for these assertions, and I've never heard of them. However, it fits in with what I've comes across elsewhere and I'm intrigued to find out more about it.
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