Tuesday 26 January 2021

OnStellar Down

The alt-tech website OnStellar is currently unavailable, see: https://onstellar.com. OnStellar was established as a special social media network for people interested in UFO's, the paranormal and the unexplained. You will guess that I was one of its first members. It is very similar to Facebook or LinkedIn and uses the same open-source software as the latter. I post regularly on OnStellar and share as much relevant material on there as possible. I joined many people I already knew on Silicon Valley social media because on OnStellar we could speak more freely, without the fear of the censorship that has blighted Silicon Valley in the last few years. On this HPANWO Show I interview one of OnStellar's creators, Steve Mera, about its launch: https://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.com/2018/04/programme-280-podcast-steve-mera.html. All websites experience short and intermittent outages from time to time, and at first I assumed this was the problem with OnStellar. However, the site has remained down. It went down sometime since I last logged in a week or so ago; so it must be something more serious. I have made inquiries with the platform's management and received no reply. There has been no announcement on the site's Twitter feed, see: https://twitter.com/ONSTELLARSOCIAL. I also asked round fellow users and none of them have any information about why OnStellar is down. Whatever the trouble is, I hope the OnStellar team can solve it and return the site to full online status. It is a very good platform where you can meet interesting people and pick up all the latest stories about the astounding, the uplifting and the mysterious.
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Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, toward the end onstellar was a haven for spooks pushing a mainstream alien/ufo narrative. It seemed that the same account always seemed to trend at the top. I challenged 'them' for a number of months, and perhaps hit a nerve. I think the site is permanently down to hide what was exposed.....

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Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. There's always a risk of infiltration and cointelpro. However, almost everybody and everything has at some point been accused of that. We needs some kind of due process, as I say in my shill tribunal videos and articles. I've still heard nothing about what happened to OnStellar, but hopefully we'll find out. I'd love it to come back.

Anonymous said...

hey dudes - really miss onstellar. how good of you to write about it. i got off some time ago due to personal reasons and having good internet now again I was baffled by it being down and esp how you don't find anything about how and why - like it just ended and everybody in charge got disappeared, alien-abducted or (finally) in the other timeline [while we poor suXXers remain here with sleepy joe and winnie the xi]
it really was a unique experience with all the weirdos on bord - like if you were onstellar you needed not to worry about being "normal" or not (bc everybody was craaaiiizeyy).
still you could see it was going nowhere w/ that crypto-concept they had and the comp running it was (as might be expected) shady/weird.
plus the thing w/ the shills and spooks - there WAS going on infiltration bigtime no matter what ya say - relatively more than on other networks- but the few real people wrrealy wrealy were great heartwarming souls w/ interesting, unique minds.
guess it'll neva come back wich is sad.
at the end they wanted to implemet vid-uploading - that maybe was too much and triggered the big fish in the pond. onstellar had big potential.
Grretings in the void fellas!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Greetings, Anon. I didn't know Onstellar were planning a video sharing service. That would have been really good. YouTube have shadowbanned me for producing "borderline content" which really means what Onstellar specialized in. I miss it too a lot. I still have heard nothing about why it vanished. We may find out one day. Hope it comes back one day.

Anonymous said...

hey ben! The planning of making uploading videos onstellar possible (and effectively making it thereby a youtube-competitor) was very much real and rather a big deal back then. admins were posting about it and peeps were s c r e a m i n g to get it done.

Censorship free video-uploading platform w/ conspiratorial/ open-minded/ e.t. background?

It would have gone rocket-bonkers. Yeah, smthg happened. Rather strange for it to disappear altogether w/o a proper reason given.
they all stille there but stopped posting rather randomly at some point in time (last was fb 23sept2019)
no Xplanation no nuthing

mummy I lost a social media network
honey I shrunk onstellar

probably a conspiracy involving illuminati/aliens/timewarps
at least ya can't tell me these people just quit w/o any noticing of their fanbase - they were super-cozy to users regarding what's going on internally until then.

*ATTENTIONattention too much freedom online - shut dem down - take care of
cant have that in the upcoming pandemic ("disinformation"-hub)

Dey prolly all taken away by the blue chicken bubbles to live w/ cory goode and dr salla on the beach of hawaii

well, aloha then

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I'm not sure what happened, Anon. It was a sad event because I used Onstellar regularly and had lots of friends there. It was great to have a social media network for people like us.

Anonymous said...

It's strange that the social media site just vanished at the time it did. As well as all info/announcements just stopped. The stellar coin is still trading, however there has been nothing since as another comment said, Sept 2019... There appears to be some snapshots on Wayback machine untill 28 December 2020, but nothing past that.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. When I next see Vitaly or Steve I'll ask them about it.