Saturday 9 January 2021

President Trump Banned from Twitter

In my History of Exopolitics lecture I make a joke about the US President Donald Trump giving a UFO Disclosure speech: "Knowing him it will be on Twitter first!", for example: This can no longer be the case because the President has been banned from Twitter. Up until now, Jack Dorsey and his motley crew of red pencil toting O'Briens have been tolerating Trump with firmly gritted teeth. Although he constantly teetered on the borderline of "acceptable content", because he was the US president, as well as being one of Twitter's most followed users, they never banned him. However following the so-called "riot" in Washington DC (a word never used to describe BLM attacks), they deleted three of his Tweets; ironically one of them was a video in which he called for calm and the restoration of law and order. The following day, yesterday, he was banned for good. In the wake of this forced ejection, Twitter went on a frenzied purge. General Richard Myers, Lin Wood and other members of Trump's legal council were deleted, along with most of the Q-posters. This included Duncan Campbell and his partner Nina, see: At the moment I can't see Sydney Powell's account on there. How much longer will I last, see: The pretext for all this was the events on Wednesday; see the background links below. I am appalled at this obvious and very extreme censorship; but at the same time I can feel the panic behind it. That terror is probably based on something they know but we do not, yet. It is connected to the insane attempts by the US Congress to remove Trump from office via an emergency impeachment using the Twenty-Fifth Amendment. Why? He's supposed to be leaving office in eleven days; why not just relax and let the clock run down? Why are they so scared of Trump that they can't bear for him to be president, along with the social media to communicate to the people, even for the very short period of time before Joe Biden's inauguration, if it happens, on the 20th?
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