Sunday 17 January 2021

Save Project Blue Book Week

The Save Project Blue Book petition needs a few thousand more signatures, so if you haven't signed it yet, please do so now.
See here for essential background:
This Thursday, the 21st, marks the first anniversary of the launch of the second season of Project Blue Book. Still we are waiting for Season Three to hit the screens. As I reported before, most of the pre-production has already been done, see: All we need now is a platform to agree to produce and broadcast the show. You'd think they'd be queuing up! The programme had very high viewing figures. It's very well made with a great script, great acting and stories adapted from genuine UFO case files. From Thursday, there will be a week of online demonstration. You can take part by sharing anything related to the series under #SaveBlueBookWeek. I'll be doing that; I have lots to share, and I hope you all will too. Don't forget to @ and tag all the big studios and send emails to History and any other channel you think might like to host this remarkable TV phenomenon. Source: Hopefully we will see Dr J Allen Hynek and his trusty sidekick Capt. Mike Quinn back in action soon, with all the other unforgettable characters, both real and imagined. The world is ready for UFO television, especially programmes as realistic and meaningful as Project Blue Book.
See here for more background:

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