Monday, 14 January 2019

The HuffPo on Max Spiers

The Huffington Post has reported on the death of Max Spiers. I often like the HuffPo because it is willing to discuss more esoteric subjects than most other media outlets; however I am deeply disappointed in their coverage of this tragic matter. The research is very sloppy. Several factual details are incorrect, for instance the date when Max died. They also misquoted several of the people interviewed, just as the BBC would have done. They consulted Prof. Karen Douglas whom I have made a HPANWO TV video about, see:  Nevertheless the nadir of this screed is the comment by Nick Pope. He calls people like me "enablers" without explaining exactly what that means, but it's obviously something deprecating. He continues: "I utterly condemn the lack of critical thinking here, not least because it can only add to the family's distress." This is odd considering that the "conspiracy theory community" was actually alerted to this situation specifically because of concerns raised by Max' family and close friends. The article quotes an earlier interview with his former partner Sarah in which she describes a very different scenario to that Monika Duval did at the inquest. Why was this not taken seriously? It's especially worrying when you consider Max' text message to his mother. If you were a detective looking into this, what would you suspect? What Nick Pope is dishing out is the same moral blackmail played against us whenever something like this happens. They did it on 9/11, 7/7 and many other events. This ploy states that the only way to show respect for the victims of a tragedy and sensitivity towards their loved ones is to repeat the official story of what happened to them regardless of whether it is true or not. I satirize this dirty little trick in a poem I wrote, see: In the background links below I explain why I think the official story about what happened to Max Spiers deserves to be doubted. So, how dare you, Nick Pope! Shame on you! Source:

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