Wednesday 30 January 2019

Strange Phone Call

On Friday evening at about 6.20 I was sitting at home minding my own business when my landline phone rang. As usual I had the handset with me in my room so I answered it. "Hello." I said.
"Is that Ben Emlyn-Jones?" asked a gruff male voice with an upper class accent.
"I think you should have nothing more to do with Caz Clarke. She is a liar and a con... (He either said "con artist" or "con-woman". I missed the last part of the word because I interrupted him.)
"Who are you?" I butted in.
"It doesn't matter who I am. This is just some friendly advice. Stay away from Caz Clarke."
"Who are you?" I repeated, but he ended the call.
I dialed call-back, but it was a withheld number. I contacted my telecommunications service and the polite Filipino operator explained to me that there was no way he could trace that call, but he gave me some advice on nuisance or scam calls. A few minutes later the service sent me an email with an information package. It is very unusual that I would receive any unsolicited calls because the landline number at my home is ex-directory. Only about twenty people have that number and they are people I know and trust. The only exceptions are the relatives and friends of my two housemates who are mostly in Sudan and are not acquainted in any way with me. I certainly didn't recognize the mysterious posh voice on the other end.

Regular readers will know that Caz Clarke is a UFO sighting witness from south Wales whom I have been working closely with recently along with the field researcher Gari Jones, see background links below. I do not think she is a con-woman for the reasons I explain in those links. I've thought over what happened on Friday and I suspect somebody is concerned about my upcoming talk in Denmark, see: The call came the day after I sent my slides package to the organizers UFO Danmark. Did my email unknowingly reach... other recipients? Caz has reported how she herself has been harassed in a similar way by weird people making contact with her. Not that the phone call I had was threatening or even particularly intimidating. However, it has made me aware of some possible interest behind the scenes in the Pentyrch UFO incident, the people who were there when it happened and researchers like me who take an interest in it. The thing is, I am planning to mention this case in my talk in Copenhagen on Saturday. Perhaps somebody doesn't want this subject going international. Well, I am certainly not altering my lecture because of an anonymous caller. I have checked all travel and entry requirements for Denmark and have made sure I comply with them to the letter. I will make sure my luggage contains no contraband at all. Therefore if on some trumped up excuse I am turned back at customs you should be suspicious. I consider this very unlikely, but just in case it happens, I want it on the record.


Anonymous said...

You have a great mind. Always remember that. A genius of are time. Should of been a profesor or something like that

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Anon, but I wouldn't last a day at any university.

Anonymous said...

Aww shame that ben coz your realy good and I meen it.