Saturday 5 August 2017

Another 9/11 No-Show in Dubai

There has been a second skyscraper fire in Dubai in as many years. Following the New Year conflagration of the Address Downtown another of the city's iconic high-rises has gone up in flames, this time it is the now facetiously named Torch Tower. The type of fire is very similar in nature to the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, see: However because this is a luxury block of flats and not a council human rubbish stack for people the authorities consider worthless, it has alarms, detectors, sprinklers and all the other necessary emergency appliances needed that Grenfell lacked; therefore all the residents were successfully evacuated to safety. Source: Again though, I have waited for it to turn into a cloud of dust, and yet again it has not. The background links below provide all the other examples.

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