Friday 5 December 2014

Mysterious Explosions Update

The mysterious explosion that struck Manchester last week was followed up by similar events in Yorkshire, New York and a few other places. I covered these phenomena in two articles and a film, see links at the bottom. In my article on the Manchester incident I asked HPANWO-readers living in the area if they could do me a favour and take a look at the location in Salford which is what was initially reported by the media to be the location of the blast. A friend of mine did, the same lady I mention in the article who heard the noise at her home seven miles away. I'd already had a brief look on Google Street so was familiar with the area, but those images can be several years old; my friend took some photos to see what is going on right now:
The industrial estate at Hessel Street is what was proposed as the source for the explosion, but the only evidence for this was a column of smoke rising above the area. The emergency services headed for the scene, but found nothing untoward. Everything looks entirely normal in the above photos and my friend told me that nothing there appeared out of the ordinary. In her own words: "Ben I went down to Salford earlier if you look at the piccies there is an industrial estate facing a block of flats. There is nothing there at all that shows signs of anything out of the normal". The epicentre of the explosion appears to be somewhere in Salford, Greater Manchester, but it's pretty obvious that it was not caused by anything conventional. Just opposite the industrial estate you can see there's a residential block where several hundred people must be living. If an explosion of that yield had taken place anywhere on Hessel Street then the noise would have been deafening. Their ears would probably still be ringing right now; what's more there would have been a shockwave that would have damaged the buildings and maybe even killed or injured people. This did not happen. I think this also makes it very unlikely that a UFO crashed there; this is not the "Manchester Roswell". The same goes obviously for secret aircraft. So if the source was not on the ground it must have been in the sky or underground. Earthquakes can produce very loud explosive noises, yet there was no earthquake recorded in the area. And as for above ground; there was no meteor either, or anything else similar, because that would have produced a bright light along with the noise. The Manchester explosion was completely dark. Also fragments of the object would have fallen to the Earth's surface. So I'm afraid there are no firm answers yet. In the film and two articles I suggest some possibilities, but right now all we can do is guess. If any further information comes to light you can be sure of reading it first here on HPANWO.

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