Monday 23 November 2020

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 426

I have been featured on Programme 426 of the Mind Set Podcast.
See here for the show:
Subjects discussed include: The TV series Utopia, the death of civilization, censorship of The Pogues and much much more.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, interesting discussion in ep 426. Interesting you brought up the Swedish twins incident on the M6 motorway in the BBC (I think it was the BBC) fly on the wall documentary. As you will know Richard D Hall did a show a few years ago about this. It could be that none of the suggestions you discussed could be correct, and it's possible the incident was part of a staged/faked incident. A youtube channel named Bobby Zines has done quite a few videos in which he claims alot of these motorway/police fly on the wall style documentaries like Police Interceptors are staged but do involve real paramedics, police etc, but that alot of the drama they show of car chases catching criminals (and even air ambulances)are faked, probably as test drills. This wouldn't surprise me at all considering the amount of staged terror attacks that have taken place that will have involved the knowledge and involvement of the police and paramedics. How the twins incident fits into the picture I'm not sure, and how they would fake being hit by a truck I don't know, could be just camera trickery. I would be very skeptical of these things and I wouldn't necessarily jump on the "they were super soldiers, mind controlled, nordics" way of thinking. If this was a genuine incident then they could've easily have omitted it out of the program.

Also, I'm baffled as to why Chris Reinhart believes there's a real virus despite almost everyone in the alternative media pretty much in agreement that there isn't (apart from Neil Sanders). I understand he works in that field, but there's enough evidence to suggest that this was pre planned. I'm guessing he's never heard of Dr Andrew Kaufman and Karry Mullis. Maybe I'm listening to Mark Devlin too much. I am dubious of all the 5G stuff though. Back in March and April we were hearing of rumours of them covertly installing 5G in schools whilst the schools were closed. I just think that's nonsense.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. Thanks for your detailed comment. There's so much to reply to. Would you mind if I answered you in an audio clip later? Thanks.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...