Saturday 7 November 2020

POTUS Fights Back!

The US Presidential Election 2020 is apparently over; however it was a transparently fake election which means it cannot be.
See here for essential background:
Trump's banned Tweets were one thing, but they don't count as a proper statement. The mainstream media, however, considers its own word as holy law. All the major networks have declared that Joe Biden is the next president of the United States as if it is absolute truth. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, called a press conference that was one of the most unprofessional actions since she also announced before the election that Joe Biden would be inaugurated regardless of the election's outcome (which alone should have instantly invalidated it). She addresses Biden as "the president-elect" and has stopped calling Donald Trump "the president" and instead simply calls him "Trump". Source: This is all based on nothing official at all. Trump has not conceded and no judge has made a ruling. At the same time there is an explosion of censorship on mainstream social media calling anything said against the mainstream position "misleading". Along with Tweets being deleted, a "Stop the Steal" Facebook group was banned, allegedly because it included "calls for violence", but I'm not going to take their word for it on that. Source:
However, President Trump has struck back. He has called a press conference in Pennsylvania in which his lawyer, Rudolf Giuliani, addressed the world's media, see: Unlike Pelosi's words, this one was not shown live on any mainstream channel other than The Independent; although no doubt a carefully-edited two minute soundbite will be circulated later. At this conference, the president's legal team formally announced their challenge to this election. Based on what I've been studying, they have a very persuasive case. It's official! Trump is fighting back! He will refuse to step down from the White House and will be within the law to do so. In fact I would say he has a duty not to step down because he has to defend the country from its corrupt elite. A fraudulent election is declared null and void. This means Trump remains the president until a proper election can be carried out. A lot of my followers are expressing very downhearted sentiments at the moment. Many are in despair. They should not be. The president knows what he is doing. He has been preparing for this very situation for months. He predicted it and warned us about it. He knows exactly how to handle it. Don't give up!
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Anonymous said...

Thanks as always for your voice and interest in the truth. I don’t have much hope, but I do think it was a corrupt election. I hope you’re right and that justice prevails. The truth about trump is less alarming than the truth about Biden, the positive aspects of his presidency are never acknowledged. Biden is publically showing himself to be a Paedophile, I can’t see any positive aspects of a child molester.
- Nadimah x

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Nadimah. Thanks for commenting. I'm sorry you don't have much hope. Wait and see what happens! Behind the crushing headlines is a happier story xx