Sunday 1 November 2020

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 423

I have been featured on Programme 423 of the Mind Set Podcast.
See here for the show:
Subjects discussed include: Gareth joins a UFO group, cloaked UFO's, the Ocsars goes woke and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, I heard in one of your recent Mindset appearances that you don't believe there is child abuse going on. Do you mean amongst the Royal family etc?. What do you make of the stuff that Shaun Attwood is talking about on his channel?, he seems to have a huge following and has done many interviews with Sonia Poulton talking about Prince Andrew. Why his channel hasn't been taken down with the subjects he's talking about is strange if you ask me.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. I know the programme you mean and I did not say I didn't believe there is child abuse going on. I just questioned some of the stories that came out in 2015. Shaun is somebody I can't quite grasp because he has done some good videos, especially in his early period, but he has platformed a few people whose tales make no sense and are defamatory about some people, in my view.