Thursday 2 May 2024

Lotus Eaters go Full Woo

One of my favourite YouTube channels is Podcast of the Lotus Eaters, a political discussion project set up by Carl Benjamin, "Sargon of Akkad". Every day they present a show of about an hour to two about various topics. They are very much on the side of the "anti-woke" movement, just like me; but they have up till now been either silent or evasive about conspiratological ideas, for example: They occasionally dip their toes into those shark infested waters, for example the Bigfoot episodes behind the paywall, but generally they are not a woo-woo publisher. That has now changed very suddenly. In programme 904 they have a segment on the moon landings and the content astonished me. Dan is normally one of the more centrist and level-headed members of the panel, yet he essentially comes out of the closet in this show as a tinfoil hatter. He begins by listing a series of conspiracy theories that have been proven true such as Tuskegee, Gulf of Tonkin, Iran-Contra and MK Ultra; but after that it becomes clear he is open to some others that are yet to be proven true but probably are. This includes all the usual ones; JFK, 9/11 etc. Previously he always left the moon landings alone, considering it too far out; but the Covid issue weakened his certainty and he gradually went from a true NASA believer to "about fifty-fifty". He was challenged by Beau who is convinced the Apollo moon missions were completely real and they have an interesting back and forth. Towards the end Beau is clearly dallying with the concept himself. Of course, I am familiar with both sides of this debate and most of what they talk about, but Dan does bring up some new points. AI fake image spotters have identified much of the Apollo TV and photographic record as suspicious. I also have never heard of the arm appearing outside the command module. The third member of the panel, Callum, sits there in total silence like the quiet man at a pub table who just wants to stay out of it. He occasionally scowls. It's impossible to know what he thinks of this subject. I will watch closely to see what levels of Ickian occult ET HPANWO-esque mumbo-jumbo the Eaters will descend to next. You can listen to the whole audio episode here:, or watch the video of the segment:
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