Wednesday 15 May 2024

Bruce Maccabee Dies

I'm sorry to report that Dr Bruce Maccabee has passed away. Dr Bruce was a scientist who did a lot of good work for the Naval Ordnance Laboratory, later called the Naval Surface Warfare Centre, developing underwater laser technology. He was a dedicated UFO researcher with a lifelong interest in the subject and he was active with NICAP in the 60's. He retired from the US Navy in 2008 and has investigated UFO's fulltime ever since. He was MUFON state director for Maryland, a position he kept even though he moved to Ohio. In 1979 he helped establish FUFOR, the Fund for UFO Research. He investigated numerous UFO incidents and had his own encounter in 1991. He also helped David Paulides investigate his own wife's alien encounter in some woods near their home in 2010. Bruce has been described as very intelligent and packed with knowledge. David called him "the smartest man I've ever met." He is one of those essential figures in the UFO community who work extremely hard but quietly behind the scenes to bring home the goods in terms of evidence without which the more flamboyant public characters of UFOlogy would be helpless. He was totally committed to government UFO transparency. He was also very musical and could play the piano. He had recently been battling a serious illness, but happily celebrated his eighty-second birthday last week with his family. He has left this world, but his work will live on. His website has been archived: Deepest condolences to his wife Jan and their whole family. Rest in peace, Dr Bruce.

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