Friday 17 May 2024

Chain Reaction

Ashton Forbes did a livestream the other day in which he recommended a film called Chain Reaction. It is quite old, from 1996, and when I watched it I was surprised I'd never heard of it until now. It is a story about a group of scientists who develop a system for extracting hydrogen from water with overunity, meaning the system's energy output is greater than its input. The technique involves "sonoluminescence", like that developed by Rusi Taleyarkhan as covered in a very deceptive BBC TV show, see: One of the team's technicians is called Eddie and is played by Keanu Reeves. He escapes from a bomb attack on the laboratory before the experiment can be published. What follows is a very fast-paced action thriller, very Dan Brown, in which Eddie and his colleague Lily are chased across frozen lakes and down dark tunnels by bad guys in suits. The main antagonist is played by Brian Cox... no, not that one... and there is another character called Paul Shannon, played by Morgan Freeman, who is very ambiguous and before the end it is uncertain whose side he's on. The film only gets really interesting near the end where the baddies try to repeat the experiment secretly in their underground lair. During that scene, Shannon and Eddie have this conversation:
Shannon: "People want to live their split-level homes and eat microwave dinners and watch colour TV."
Eddie: "Is that what you think?"
Shannon: "Alistair was a dreamer. Clean air, free energy. Noble concepts, but we live on a planet that's addicted to petroleum. Now what happens if you dump free energy onto the world market? Stock markets around the world would plummet! Our own economy (the USA) would collapse overnight. Recession, unemployment, war. The world is speeding up too fast now, Eddie. We can barely hold on as it is."
Eddie: "You're right; it's not working. That's why we've got to try something else. Not bury the technology, but let it out."
Shannon: "You let it out, but you let it out at a pace the world can absorb."
Eddie: "It can absorb it now." Source:
Of course those behind the coverup plan never to let it out. This reminds me very much of this conversation in my own production Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure:
"But come on, Gerald; when are we going to see free energy released for public development?"
There was a long silence. "Gerald... what?..."
The waiters arrived with their starter course. When they'd gone, Caxton leaned forward on the table and looked hard into Clane's eyes. "Listen to me, Clane. This technology can never be declassified. The public are never going to have access to it."
"Why not?" he croaked.
"Why not?... Well, why don't I turn that question on its head and ask you: Why should they? How can we tell them?"
"Easily." Clane was frowning in disbelief. "We just announce it... easily."
"Easily?... Right, so you plan to knock on the door of the chairman of Royal Dutch Shell and say: 'Good morning. I've just come to tell you your services are no longer required'. Just like that?"
Clane nodded.
"And what's he going to say: 'Alright, no problem. You still need oil to make candles! That's a good idea, Shell Candles! They're pretty colours! They smell nice! They won't stain your wallpaper! There'll be a smart dollar on that!'?" Caxton's face became annoyed and exasperated in his sarcasm; as if he were explaining something very obvious that Clane was foolish not to consider. "You don't get it, do you, Clane?... Oil is not the biggest industry in the world; it is industry! It is the lifeblood and the lubricant of civilization! Take that away and what happens? The world order as we know it will descend into chaos! The West will fall into mediocrity! India and China will dominate the globe with their huge populations and vast resources!... Energy needs to be rationed and distributed strategically in order to maintain a stable human world." Source:
It never ceases to amaze me how candid people are in revealing the truth when they're doing it through fictional allegory. There have been other similar narratives before and since; and we will not seen the last of them, as the veil between the covert and overt world thins.
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