Wednesday 14 July 2021

ID for the Internet

When the weekend's European Cup final ended with England losing to Italy in a penalty shootout, the nation wailed in anguish. When young Bukayo Saka posted his penalty and wept, we all felt his pain. It is a moment that will probably haunt him for the rest of his life. (I personally hate penalty shootouts. I would prefer a "super golden goal" rule where more subs are allowed on the bench and the match plays on until somebody scores. I realize this makes its duration indefinite and might jeopardize the schedule so I would only advocate for it to be used in the final ties. Penalties make it more upsetting for the loser and anticlimactic for the winner.) Unfortunately, in this internet paradise we live in, trolls being trolls, they hurled obscene racial abuse at the non-white players. Of course every decent person was outraged by this cruelty, yet the proponents of censorship felt no qualms at all about exploiting our emotions for their agenda. Have they ever before? Media figures began calling for increasing regulation and exclusion online. They demand that the government "crack down!" on social media companies with "tough new laws!" Along with these pronouncements, Twitter suspiciously held back more so than they would normally from removing the racist abuse from their platform. I think an internet variation of Prouty's Law applies here... Left, right and centre were united in their frenzy for internet reform. Piers Morgan Tweeted: "Social media firms must end all anonymous accounts. If you want to spew vile abuse, you should be forced to do so publicly under your genuine identity, not while hiding behind the cloak of billionaire-backed secrecy. Let’s see how brave these racist morons are then." That is ironic considering how so many offendedistas have tried to silence him. Mike Graham, somebody I normally quite respect, demanded that racists be stripped of their citizenship. Seeing as how loose the definition of "racist" is these days, that is a terrifying suggestion. Source: This reminds me of the hysteria over pornography a while ago, see: Fortunately, complete internet control is impossible; however state and corporate actors can do a lot of damage trying. What will it mean for life privacy? What about whistleblowers? Sadly, it seems that right now nobody is asking those questions. On the contrary, somebody has started a petition calling for verified ID to be a requirement for opening a social media account. It has had over six hundred thousand signatures already. Conversely, the one calling for the repeal of the Orwellian Section 127 of the 2003 Communication Act has only had twenty thousand. My hope is that calmer voices will be heard as time goes on and the hurt wears off because right now, anybody who raises a word of protest will be accused of "pandering to racists who abuse our football heroes!"
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Laurence said...

Hello Ben. Gareth Southgate is a Freemason (see: Southgate. The whole thing was a set-up. They've already decided to introduce the ID system that you refer to for email: email

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Laurence. It's been tabled quite a few times in the think tanks. Skeppers will still call it a "conspiracy theory" though.

Theberton said...

Hi Ben, I found you and your blog after you went on Thomas Baden-Reiss' channel. I really enjoyed your stream and have been listening to your videos and reading through your blog. I'm IRL friends with Morgoth who I know you're aware of.

I took over hosting the comments section for Morgoth's blog with regularly got nearly 1000 comments a week. Although I'm not the best writer, my first article was this one about the Patterson film.

I listened to your 'Bigfoot in Britain' video and found it interesting. I'd like to talk more about the subject if ever you had time.

I also recently wrote this about the football:

My take was that Southgate and those in charge decided that if the game went to penalties, the last three players were going to be the 'most diverse'. They were the intended 'winners' of the game and the ones whose photos would be the most prominent, the whole narrative was supposed to be 'Diversity built Britain, now it's united us all and brought football home'. This failed spectacularly. What has become clear is that a pro-diversity (anti-White) narrative was planned either way. Plan A failed, so plan B is to create a false racism narrative (to aid the digital anti-anonymity agenda as you say).

I don't buy for a second what the media has spun this into. We're living in such a diabolical world that common morality has become completely inverted; The words 'shite, bastard' scrawled on a Marcus Rashford mural has caused the NPC masses to react to it like it was a terrorist attack - in fact it's worse than that - despite the Manchester bombing possibly being a false attack (the normies don't know/care about that) what's happened is that far more BBC watching/Guardian reading types have spoken out against 'waaaysict abuse' than their own people's children being shredded to death by a nail bomb murder by a foreigner. It's so messed up that it's hard to believe this is reality.

Anyway, I'd like to talk one day if you get the time.

All the best, Theberton.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi, Theberton. I think I recognize your name from Morgoth's commenters. Since writing that article I have discovered that a lot of the racist abuse the black players were subjected to was from astroturfed accounts just set up, many not in the UK. Combined with what I said about Twitter being suspiciously slow to remove the abusive Tweets, I suspect this is an organized manufactured outrage. It's not in MSM news that the graffiti on the Rashford mural was not a racial insult at all. But by the time this was revealed BLM had already swooped down and snatched the limelight.
Southgate has been virtue signaling so much lately, supporting the knee taking etc, that it wouldn't surprise me. He may well have put Saka in a position he was not ready for to make a political statement; thus condemning him to forever regretting his failed penalty.
I'd be glad to talk more to you about the British Bigfoot, although probably the ultimate expert on the matter is Deborah Hatswell.
Thanks for the links. I'll take a look at your articles.