Sunday 4 July 2021

The 11th Green

Christopher Münch's new political drama, The 11th Green, is very explicit in its exopolitical themes to a level that surprised me. This is no low budget amateur production either. It is clearly a top studio work with actors who may not be A-list household names, but are still quite high level and make frequent Hollywood appearances. The writer-director-producer is clearly very familiar with conspiratorial UFOlogy or has researched it deeply. The central figure is a man called Jeremy, a journalist whose father has just died. When he attends his father's funeral he learns some dark secrets about his life as a staffer for the US President Dwight Eisenhower. The narrative includes a series of flashbacks to 1967 and President Eisenhower's final years in retirement. The president is skilfully portrayed by George Gerdes. The acting in this film is generally of a high quality. There is a UFO cover-up and Eisenhower has to deal with that, even after he has left the White House. This ties in closely with the reports that the president had to preside over the Truth Embargo in a way no other did, before of after. What is interesting is that the modern setting appears to be on the eve of a Disclosure event, in this case the military-industrial complex admitting it has antigravity technology gained from the study of debris from salvaged flying saucers. Jeremy enters by presenting such a programme. Interestingly his wife, Lila, is uncomfortable with the idea of Disclosure and considers the Truth Embargo justifiable as a necessary comforting lie. Eisenhower experiences dream sequences where he meets with his future successor, Barack Obama; which is strange seeing that when the film was released, last year, Donald Trump was the president. There is also an alien present at these meetings called "Lars", played by a young man with long hair. No attempt is made to portray Lars as particularly non-human, which is fair enough because that's what some aliens look like. His name is Norwegian which could be because he is a "Nordic" type being, but there's no evidence to connect one nationality of humans to any particular species of alien. Eisenhower calls the ET's "visitors" and the agents of the cover-up "the backroom boys". There are some references to real UFO close encounters Eisenhower has to deal with, like the Malstrom incident and Kecksburg (Slightly ahistorical because that took place two years earlier in 1965). During Eisenhower's dream, Obama reveals that he has been briefed into the UFO secret, but that the secrecy is necessary, for the same reasons as Lila states, who is not politically connected. The president is shown a free energy machine. There are a lot of very perceptive lines describing the psychological rationalization of both the Truth Embargo and Disclosure, for example: "They can see it, but they're not going to believe it till we tell them to believe it". There are many scenes of secret meetings. I really recommend this film. It is one I think was made for UFOlogists and is not shy about exploring all the theories concerning this extraterrestrial Watergate. See here for the trailer:
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