Saturday 21 March 2020

Larry Warren and the M203

David Young has made a new very short video the beginning of which is a reply to me. He calls me a "pretend hospital porter" which means his constant accusations of stolen valour directed towards Larry Warren have now totally gone to his head and he has started directing them at me. No, David. I was a hospital porter; I was one for twenty-three years. Not that I need to prove it to you; I don't care what you think. He then claims I am getting my "sweaty fat blog fingers all riled up". It has honestly descended to that level, ladies and gentlemen. The very physical nature of the fingers of a person writing a rebuttal now supersede the rational content of that person's rebuttal. Who says we are not living in Clown World? The only logical claim made in this video by David and his collaborator, once more Donald Laisure, refers to an incident Larry talked about once in which he assisted a USAF Law Enforcement unit with a "wild party" in the officers' quarters involving some of the officers' children; Col. Halt's son was one of them. The revellers were vandalizing one of the officers' houses. The Law Enforcement man had a .38 pistol in an open-carry holster and the rioters didn't obey his orders so Larry approached them with an M203 grenade launcher and this scared them into submission; and they ran home. Donald describes this story as a "bunch of bullshit!" Source: Why should this be? We've already established in previous articles that there is no guarantee that Donald would have dealt with Larry's weapons issue nor that he would have known Larry was assigned to D Flight, see: Why would Larry have not been issued with an M203 grenade launcher? This is a weapon that has been in use in the US military since 1969 and is still in use today, including the USAF; although it will soon be phased out in favour of the more modern M320, see: It is designed to be fitted onto the barrel of a standard service rifle like a bayonet. We know that Law Enforcement and Security Police duties often overlap. In fact the story of the entire RFI involves personnel from both services. Is it therefore not possible that Larry's anecdote about the wild party is true? Whether it is or not, what bearing does it have on the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident? Douglas also makes note of the fact that Larry never visited him in England when all other former USAF police did. He also relates an argument he had with Larry in which Larry allegedly threatens him. Looks like we're back to square one! Did Donald call the police etc etc etc... It seems Larry and Donald are not on good terms generally. This could be the reason he is willing to assist David. I'm breaking my own rules here, but David has been personally very rude to me and I'm the kind of person who gives as good as he gets. I'm going to declare publicly my dismay at the fact that David's next video is an interview he does with Anthony Peake, see: How does a radio host who can hardly string together a coherent sentence end up interviewing one of the greatest thinkers in modern consciousness research? Talk about casting pearls before swine!

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