Sunday, 8 September 2019

Mystery Object crashes near Plymouth

There are reports across southwest England of a strange glowing object being seen in the sky that was described as "falling" towards the ground somewhere near Plymouth, Devon. Others thought it might be an impacting asteroid. A number of 999 calls to the police sparked a huge aerial and ground search operation that lasted all of this morning and the police have released a statement claiming that no wreckage has been found and that it was just a meteor shower. This is a possibility, however the photograph above of the phenomenon does not look like such a shower, in fact specialized astronomical cameras are usually needed to record such a spectacle. Neither do many of the descriptions,. No recorded flights have been lost. Although the most obvious anomalies were spotted by people in Devon and Cornwall, there have been reports from as far afield as London and Cardiff. Source: (Thanks to my Facebook friend James for bringing this to my attention) What if this is none of those above explanations and it is in fact a crashed flying saucer? If so then we can anticipate a cover-up and secret salvage operation, as we saw in Roswell in 1947 and on numerous other occasions before and since then, across the world, see background links below. Whichever country a UFO crashes, the same outcome occurs every time; as if all nation states of the world are obeying the same global policy. If this is a UFO crash-retrieval then now is a crucial opportunity. I'm addressing readers in the area directly: please find out what you can. I am not able to travel to the location myself right now so would be grateful for all and any boots-on-the-ground. We must act quickly before the cover-up is complete. After that the "Plymouth Incident" would become just another piece of conspiratorial and UFOlogical history.

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