Saturday 18 January 2014

World Bank Whistleblower

Russia Today, one of the few decent news outfits left in the world, have featured an explosive new interview with Karen Hudes, a former official of the World Bank, see: She was sacked from her job and decided to speak out; this was due to her exposure of the Bank's corrupt actions in the Philippines. She believes that we're on the brink of a "currency war". The US Dollar is about to cease to be accepted tender in most of the world. The Federal Reserve has increased the supply to its maximum possible level just to keep it from crashing and that was what the entire recent US Government shutdown was all about. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa all want something that was considered out of the question a few years ago, trade goods for gold. However Ms Hudes is worried that market manipulation is devaluing gold, I think possibly as a warning to those countries who wish to trade with it instead of good old Papa Dollar. This reminds me distinctly of the petrodollar theory of the War on Terror, how David Frum's "Axis of Evil" countries have in common that they are economically independent of the Federal Reserve and have been trading oil in Euroes. I think the decision finally to remove Colonel Gaddafi from power in Libya was based on his gold-based banking plan. Ms Hudes says that there are "corrupt forces" controlling both the Democratic and Republican parties in America. There is a massive amount of lies and corruption in the US Government right now. Secretaries and senators are colluding over Obamacare and unemployment figures etc and the foundation of it all is this economic insanity, a financial system based on debt that not only breaches the US Constitution, it was not even ratified properly by Congress and so only exists as an illegal myth, as G Edward Griffin has discovered, see: This situation has reached the level of lunacy that debt itself can be treated like economic capital; it can be bought or sold like gold, oil or anything else, see here for more details: Ms Hudes also talks about a "secret super-entity" of executive businessmen who are strategically and tactically manipulating the corporate world to get their own people into key positions of power in the boardrooms. Over 43,000 companies have been infiltrated and are currently controlled by this secret super-entity. At a higher level, no doubt, it is also allied to the Federal Reserve which is behind the dollar glut.

The main strategy in progress by whoever controls the financial world, the Illuminati I reckon, is to shift the balance of power from the USA to the Far East, especially China. China is being established as the superpower of the 21st century in the same way America was in the 20th and Britain was in the 19th. However I suspect India also has a key role to play. According to Ms Hudes this is being done via the Jesuits, one of the most powerful organizations in the world; I expect they operate through the organized crime syndicates too, like the Triads. Despite her admirable actions in blowing the whistle and her unquestionable courage and sense of duty, she appears very naive on some matters in this interview. She thinks that all the injured parties in this mess will return to the Gold Standard currency once they've got down together and worked it all out; or at least a money supply based on real goods, other precious metals, food or water. There will be no serious economic collapse according to Ms Hudes; just a tricky period of instability followed by a positive revolution in economics. The currency war will not lead to any real war, just a currency armistice and new financial order. She's very keen on the notion of "positive banking", small local financial institutions; I totally agree, see: I'm not so sure that she's got all the answers though; Ms Hudes assumes that the financial collapse is an accident and that the goal of all the players involved in this problem is to solve it. What if that's not the case and the objective is to aggravate the situation to the point where we will experience economic Armageddon and all out war will kick off? Why not? This is exactly what has happened before in history many times. They know they need chaos to create order "Ordo ab Chao", as the Masonic motto goes. I applaud Ms Hudes for what she's done, but ask her to look at the bigger picture and wonder if more might be going on behind the scenes than even she has discovered.

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