Sunday 12 January 2014

UFO sighting in Bremen, Germany

A major UFO report has come out of Germany. Last Tuesday a mysterious object was spotted over Bremen in the northwest of the country. It appeared and disappeared several times between 4.30 and 9.30 PM. The city's airport was disrupted as a result and many flights were cancelled or diverted. The object was detected on radar and also seen by eyewitnesses on the ground; eventually a police helicopter tried to intercept it. It appeared to be very like a man-made aircraft, with the correct navigation lights etc; this does not mean that it was. It could be of course. The noise it gave off was like an aircraft, but "too loud", see: A video has been released claiming to be of the Bremen UFO. It's interesting in its content, but it does not match the descriptions and so I suspect it is of an entirely separate incident, see: At one point the object hovered close to Bremen's Weser Stadium. This is not the first time a UFO has been drawn towards a major sporting venue, see:

Unknown objects that bear a moderate resemblance to man-made aircraft are a common and distinct category of UFO. We all know that sometimes people see a bird, a plane or kite etc in the sky and mistakenly think it's a flying saucer; indeed this accounts for the majority of UFO reports; but the opposite is true as well. At first glance they may be mistaken for a conventional aircraft, but then the witness will notice that it is behaving strangely; making no sound, or the wrong sound. It might change shape or move in a way a conventional aircraft cannot. There are two good examples of such sightings near where I live. My friend and fellow researcher Ellis Taylor has reported in his book Dogged Days how he saw an object hovering in the sky completely still and silent near Eynsham, Oxfordshire. However it was exactly the same size and shape as a small executive jet, see: A similar object was seen in Headington in Oxford a few months later, about ten miles from where Ellis had his encounter. The second encounter was reported to me personally by a young woman who was a cleaner at my hospital. She approached me in private after she'd heard me talking about UFO's to a group of my colleagues; I suspect she hadn't told anybody before because I was the first person she'd met who took the matter seriously. She certainly had never heard of Ellis or his book. She is Hungarian and speaks only sub-fluent English, but after talking to her for twenty minutes or so I was left in no doubt over her description. So keep watching the skies, but watch carefully the things you do initially recognize, as well as those you don't.

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