Thursday 24 October 2013

William Levengood Dies

Dr William C Levengood 
March 1925- September 2013

I’m sorry to report that Dr William Levengood had died, see: He was eighty-eight years old. Dr Levengood was a biophysicist who, along with his colleagues John Burke and Nancy Talbott assisted by many others, was one of the few professional scientists to investigate the phenomenon of crop circles. His team, BLT Research, caused a storm of controversy when they announced that they rejected the 100% man-made hypothesis. The reason for their conclusion was changes they observed in the plants and soil of some crop circles that differed from those known to have been made by people using conventional crop circle-making methods. His work laid the foundation for many other investigators like Robert Hulse, David Cayton and Lucy Pringle, see: Naturally BLT’s ideas have been met with severe criticism by 100% MMH-believers, see: The debate over the origins of crop circles continues to this day. I’m sure most people with an interest in crop circles, whatever their views, will lament Dr Levengood’s demise and appreciate his legacy into this fascinating enigma. 


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read this. His name will never be forgotten in the crop circle community.

Unknown said...

I was with W. C. Levengood when he died along with his surrogate daughter Cheryl in the Jackson Mi. Hospice House in Jackson Michigan
He was my dear friend and scientist that started documenting my special energetic abilities in 1994 which has greatly helped my merging into the scientific community,, Rest in Peace "Lefty"
your friend Edd Edwards