Saturday 19 October 2013

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Vinny Eastwood Show

I have been interviewed on the Vinny Eastwood Show, part of American Freedom Radio, see:

Direct link to shows (Left click to listen- right click to download):
YouTube version: (Coming soon)

Subjects discussed include: propaganda against the unemployed on TV, corruption in hospitals and Government service, how to avoid getting depressed by the horrors of the world and Bilderberg and the Rothschilds. My fellow guest in the first half of the show is Leah Trass of PANIC, a charity based in New Zealand dedicated to tackling corruption in social services, see:

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Anonymous said...

Channel 4s the bigfoot files on TV last night exploring the yeti or abonimable snowman... and the results of hair samples taken by geneticist bryan sykes and his conclusion? the yeti is a polar bear and a brown bear cross, my question was Mr sykes the only geneticist to test the hairs? if so all we have is his word of his conclusion regarding the origin of the hairs, given the history of bigfoot programmes on mainstream tv im highly doubtfull of Mr sykes conclusion regarding the hair sample he tested. a taster of next weeks bigfoot files which features bigfoot of north america, was evident in the first episode when we were told a bear standing on its hind legs could be mistaken for bigfoot, so i think i know were this series is going.