Wednesday 23 October 2013

Prince George is Christened

Prince George has been christened, see: The ceremony was a private one conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Royals appear as unemotional about it as they do everything else. The full name of the baby is George Alexander Louis. George represents the continuity of the Monarchy; the most common name for a King of England; in fact if the Illuminati have their way this baby is destined to one day become King George VII. Alexander might refer to Scotland and Louis to France; does this symbolize the advancement of the European Union in some way? The baby’s gown is a replica of Princess Victoria’s from 1841; the Royal Family are obsessed with these kinds of ritual recreations, “tradition”, as they call it.

For me, the backdrop to this entire saga is yet another delay in the coroners’ inquest into the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, see: I have spoken about this case before and I don’t believe the official story that she simply committed suicide. Sadly nurses are at a very high risk of committing suicide, but never for something as trivial as a phone call from a pair of Australian jokers; anybody who knows the first thing about what nurses have to go through would realize that immediately. Was she murdered? If so why? It could have been an occult sacrifice, seeing as the aristocracy is so obsessed with the occult. There’s no doubt that this baby… or babies plural because there’s rumoured to be more than one of them… is more vitally important to the House of Windsor than any other. Or perhaps she was eliminated because she knew too much; while caring for Kate she may have discovered something she wasn’t supposed to. See here for important background:

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