Saturday 12 October 2013

Tommy Robinson quits EDL

Tommy Robinson, the leader and one of the principle founders of the English defence League, has publicly resigned from the organization, see: The EDL is a fairly new group founded in November 2009 in Luton. It's not a political party, but a pressure group; however it has several political wings like Liberty GB, see: It is most renowned for its very noisy and disruptive street protests which often descend into riots and brawls with counter-demonstrators, EG see: The EDL has been described as far right and racist, however they themselves deny this and welcome non-white members. The core message of everything they do is an opposition to radical Islam. However, as I've explained, radical Islam is itself a construct of the government via the intelligence services, see: There's also increasing evidence that the EDL is too. As I said in the linked article, Nick Griffin of the BNP is not one of my favourite people, but he occasionally stumbles upon some groundbreaking information without understanding its full significance, see: The connections between the EDL and Mossad should cause us to be more than suspicious. Add together the background to Anjem Choudary and his organization, also in the linked article above, and the pieces of the jigsaw all fit into place.

However, I suspect that Tommy Robinson may just be being used again by another level of the conspiracy. As members of the Kent Freedom Movement have pointed out, he has joined an organization called the Quilliam Foundation, a "think tank", see: Quite frankly, it has all the hallmarks of being another Mossad and/or Tavistock Institute front. In fact there have been criticisms from both inside and outside the Muslim community saying that Quilliam is diverting attention away from Western and Israeli aggression in the Middle East. It is also openly funded by the coalition Government. I wish Tommy Robinson all the best, I think he's a man who means well and has taken a brave decision; but he is, at the moment, hopelessly naive. I will be watching him to see where this new role in his life takes him. With any luck he will understand the true nature of the psychological warfare being played against everyone in Britain and beyond, of all faiths and nationalities.         

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