Friday 4 June 2021

The Return of Trump

Right now I have never before felt so confident that Donald Trump, the real President of the United States, will oust the usurper Joe Biden and his crooked accomplices. He will then return to the White House to take his rightful place openly and prosecute the criminals who have tried to destroy his country. President Trump has begun posting information on his political blog concerning the election recount in Arizona. Unpicking the monumental electoral fraud committed last November will not be easy, but work is underway to do it. Source: (The original blog "From the Desk of Donald Trump" has been taken down, but its material is still available on the above link). Biden, Harris and Pelosi et al are still behaving as if they are living under the sword of Damocles. They are. If they had really won the stunning victory and popular mandate they claim to have, they would be acting a lot more confidently. Q is still silent; their last drop was number 4953 on December the 8th, see: I don't know where he, she or they are. They may have been imprisoned or even killed. If so then their heroism was not in vain. One day the whole world will know their story. Clearly Biden faking his way into office was not part of "The Plan", but that doesn't mean all hope is lost; far from it. Revelations are dropping from the branches of the secrecy tree like ripe fruit. Hidden facts of all kinds, on almost every subject, are getting harder and harder to keep. People know more now about the truth of political corruption than at any other time in living memory. Not just that, but the UFO cover-up, see: and child abuse, see:
If you Google "conspiracy theories proven true" you will find numerous examples of people like me being vindicated by the subsequent turn of events. In fact a lot of what is now recorded history started off as conspiracy theory; for example the Watergate scandal or John Lennon being spied on. A year ago the "fact checkers" on social media used to ban you for saying that Covid 19 originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology instead of a traditional market in the same Chinese city. President Trump was condemned and ridiculed for stating he had seen an intelligence briefing supporting that. Social media users were pointing out that staff at the laboratory became ill with a mysterious disease in the autumn of 2019 and that was how the coronavirus escaped from its containment facility to infect the entire world. The US government's response to the pandemic was led by Dr Anthony Fauci who was sacked by Trump and afterwards reinstated by Biden... unsurprisingly. In early 2020 Fauci made many decisive comments about the need to wear a mask. Now some emails of his have been leaked onto Buzzfeed that show he privately believed that masks were totally ineffective as an infection barrier. They provide a slight benefit when an infected person sneezes or coughs, but that's it. However, his hypocrisy gets worse than that. In fact other emails are extremely sinister. It turns out that Fauci was directing research into coronaviruses at the Wuhan laboratory and funding them with taxpayers' money laundered though a charity. One of the emails specifically states that coronaviruses were being developed as a biological weapon. This is, once again, something he originally denied. What makes it all so utterly galling is that the mainstream media is now reporting on all this as a truism. Yet a year ago it was denounced as a conspiracy theory and people who believed in it were labelled crazy. They are not apologizing and few are even issuing a correction statement. They're portraying the news as common sense that they have always delivered. It is so Orwellian; "Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia; Eurasia are our allies." Sargon of Akkad also has adapted an analogy from Nineteen Eighty-Four by calling this "re-personing", see: So wear your tinfoil hat with pride, my friends! Hang another ribbon on your corkboard without apology! I am enjoying the progression of events right now. The momentum shows no sign of slowing. There are no guarantees, of course, but I can't deny my current feelings of excitement and anticipation. August is the most forecasted date for Trump's redemption. By then we will hopefully have UFO Disclosure and arrests of the villains around the world who have been installing the New World Order.
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Lee Mjolnir Jessup said...

Here's one to ponder. China has a huge demographical imbalance in its population, far to many old people compared to far too few young people, due to the 1 Child Per Household policy .
2019 saw the number raised to 2, and in the last week its been raised to 3.
During this realisation by the Chinese authorities, a SARS Cov2 virus suddenly appears right next to a Viroligy laboratory in downtown Wuhan that has, by far, the greatest mortality rate amongst the elderly.
The virus shows various unnatural evolutionary protein markers (see Bret Weinstein, the Evolutionary Biologist's, Dark Horse podcast), and the events of the last 17 months would, arguably, be a great advantage to China's immediate to mid-term economic advantage.
A tool convenient coincidence?

(Also posted to Facebook but it might disappear from there.)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Interesting question, Lee. China's authorities have dealt with people very harshly before.