Monday 7 June 2021

The Coxxer goes Pro-Alien

                                              (Photo by Tony Buckingham)
By far the most unexpected thing in "new UFOlogy" has occurred. There's no way I could ever have predicted this one! Several mainstream newspapers have been covering the upcoming UAPTF report that is due to be released in a fortnight, and featured in a few articles is Prof. Brian Cox. When I first heard about this I didn't believe it until I saw it myself because Cox is a staunch skeptic. In fact he's one of the angriest and most scathing figures in the skeptic movement. He has also been quoted on record numerous times saying that, not only are UFO's non-existent, but that the Milky Way galaxy probably has no life in it off the earth, for example: Nevertheless, Cox has allowed his name and image to be published in a recent article entitled: Pilots say UFO's are Real as they share wild Experiences, and Brian Cox Agrees. In it the particle physicist says: "There have to be other civilisations in the universe. I can't imagine we are the only one... We'd all like ET to be real. We'd like ET to arrive. But we don't want Darth Vader coming down." He thinks that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization would send robot probes rather than a craft with a crew, like NASA is currently doing on  Mars. "Why send Battlestar Galactica when you could send something the size of an iPhone?... Knowing what we know, it's conceivable there are one or two civilisations in a galaxy at any one time. There's certainly one in our galaxy. It's us." He then comments on SETI and the "Wow!" signal, a short radio burst picked up by Jerry Ehman on August 15, 1977. He says: "It came in a wavelength that SETI believes an intelligent civilisation would use. We've heard nothing since. That could be because intelligent life is extremely rare and you have to be in the right place at the right time to hear it. If we had detectors sensitive enough we may be able to pick up more signals. We haven't looked closely enough." Source:
I know that what Prof. Brian Cox says literally in this article does not represent a massive shift from his original position. However, the fact that he even associates himself with the UFO subject is very much out of character. Why is he doing this? It could be that he has more foresight than the other skeptics regarding UAP's. He can see the writing on the wall and wants to manoeuvre himself up the starting grid before the penny drops for everybody and, as Arthur C Clarke predicted, they all start yelling: "I said it was true all along, didn't I?" This covert conversion of Prof. Brian Cox is a stunning development, if that's what it is, and it can leave us in no doubt some fundamental change is about to hit us. It is even possible somebody on the inside has had a quiet word in his ear, seeing as he is such a prominent pop scientist. On the other hand there remains the possibility that this is simply more disinformation. If the upcoming bombshell about UFO's is what Carl Rosin calls "the last card", see:, then these out of the blue UAP media spots with Coxy are just a part of the propaganda paving the way. We'll see. We must be on our guard, but at the same time not overreact to the point that we miss out on an opportunity.
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