Wednesday 2 June 2021

Boris' Wedding

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has married his sweetheart Carrie Symonds. It was a low-key ceremony held in Westminster Cathedral, indicating this was a Roman Catholic nuptial mass. The ceremony was planned in secret and the first thing we, the people heard about it was when the cathedral was closed to the public suddenly on Saturday afternoon. The guest list has been kept confidential, but it's rumoured that many names in the cabinet were there, including Priti Patel, Matt Hancock, Nadhim Zahawi and Therese Coffey. The couple's fourteen month old son, Wilfred, was also in attendance. This is the first time a Prime Minster has had a wedding while in office since Robert Banks Jenkinson in 1822. There is a lot of fuss about Boris marrying, seeing as he is twice divorced. He is marrying a Catholic, yet his previous weddings were protestant/secular so this does not break the strict rule about remarrying. He was an Anglican, but was baptized Catholic to marry Carrie. This makes him Britain's first Catholic Prime Minister (Tony Blair also converted to Roman Catholicism, but this was after he left office. It is probably because he seeks presidency of the EU). I'm very happy for them both and they have my heartiest congratulations. This raises important questions though. I theorized that Carrie and Wilfred were being used in some way as leverage against Boris; possibly even that they were being imprisoned somewhere and their lives were threatened. Clearly this is not the case, or at least if it was ever the case, they are now free. Does this mean Boris will go back to being the good old Boris we all knew and loved? Will he get out of the swamp and once again become Britain's Trump? We will have to wait and see. I think the upcoming date of the 21st of June will be significant because this is when the Covid 19 lockdown is due to end completely. If it doesn't, this means Boris is still co-opted. In the meantime Carrie will now be playing a more public role as his official spouse. She will be attending the G7 summit in Cornwall next week. Source:
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